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click the above banner to visit our new website for shopping wholesale jewelry making and crafts supplies -> http://www.beading.my

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Best Ever Clearance SALE !

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Today we’re going to bring you the best ever offer in the past 3 years:

Clearance SALE from 27th Aug to 5th Sept (10 days only).

Sale Start at 00:01am on 27th Aug.

Reason: We will be relocated to Seremban in October, therefore we need to clear AS MUCH STOCK AS POSSIBLE!

On top of that, we will also throw in 10 Purchase with Purchase (PWP) items during SALE period. Each day there is 1 item being offered at Deep Discount (up to 90% off).




So , don’t forget to visit our website http://www.beading.my during our SALE period. And also, do follow us in FB page for latest update and deals.



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Sneak Peek – Tools, Magazines & Msc

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Let’s take a peek at what we have just received from suppliers. However, we may only be able to provide you the price after back from holiday (take note we will be away from 28th Dec – 6th Jan, please place your order before 26th Dec noon so that we could ship your order on 27th Dec).

jump-ring-maker-4-6-7-8mm-beading-malaysia.jpgJump Ring Maker Size 4, 6, 7 & 8mm. Also available in size 10, 12, 14 & 18mm.

ring-manrel-superior-steel-ungrooved-size-us-1-15-beading-malaysia.jpgRing Mandrel US Size 1-15, made from superior steel, ungrooved.

large-ring-mandrel-us-size-16-24-beading-malaysia.jpgLarge Ring Mandrel US Size 16-24, made from superior steel, ungrooved.

wire-bender-beading-malaysia.jpgWire Bender.

tweezer-fibre-grip-beading-malaysia.jpgCross-Lock Tweezer with fiber grips – Heat-resistant fiber grips protect your hands from heat while soldering. Cross-lock mechanism opens when pressed to grip objects securely.

wood-ring-clamp-beading-malaysia.jpgHard Wood Ring Clamp – holds rings firmly without marring.

plier-forming-hollow-half-round-nose-beading-malaysia.jpgForming Concave/Half Round Pliers – to bend ring shanks, shape wires and construct intricate and precise fabrications from sheet and wire.

nylon-head-hammer-beading-malaysia.jpgNylon Head Hammer.

divider-beading-malaysia.jpgDivider – measures accurately with positive-positioning knurled top and side knobs.

copper-tong-curved-beading-malaysia.jpgHeavy Duty Bent Copper Tong – designed for safe and dependable use with pickling and acid solutions. This item is heavier-gauge copper for long life.

bench-pin-v-slot-with-clamp-beading-malaysia.jpgBench Pin with V Slot and Clamp.

prong-pusher-beading-malaysia.jpgProng Pusher.

bezel-pusher-beading-malaysia.jpgBezel Pusher.

bezel-roller-beading-malaysia.jpgBezel Roller.

burnisher-curved-beading-malaysia.jpgBurnisher Curved.

burnisher-straight-beading-malaysia.jpgBurnisher Straight.

The following products are available for sale at our store:

czech-fire-polished-blue-stones.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Blue Stones (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-evergreen.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Evergreen (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-honey-butter.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Honey Butter (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-lilac.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Lilac (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-strawberry-field.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Strawberry Field (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

Step by Step Magazines (only 5 copies available per issue):

BW1000.jpg Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010 (RM50).

BW0900.jpgBest of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2009 (RM50).

SW0912.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Winter 2010 (RM25).

SW1008.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Aug/Sept 2010 (RM25).

SW1006.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Jun/July 2010 (RM25).

SW1004.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry April/May 2010 (RM25).

SW1002.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Feb/Mar 2010 (RM25).

FYI, our store will be opened in the coming weekend (25th & 26th Dec). See our store calender here: http://www.beading.my/visit-store

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How To Oxidize Your Jewelry Using Liver of Sulphur

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Occasionally I did receive inquiry from beaders about the wire used by Emi to make above similar finishing earring. All the while I only know the theory behind until I have attended Silversmithing class conducted by Emi. Today I’m going to show you how to do it, though not a very detail step by step, but should be able to give you a good idea of how to use the Liver of Sulphur to oxidize Silver (or Copper or Brass).


The above picture shown a pair of earrings crafted using sterling silver wires with Cubic Zirconia briolette.


The detail – a weave technique taught in Step by Step Wire Jewelry Dec 2010/Jan 2011 issue.



To oxidize silver, you will need Liver of Sulphur and hot water. Make sure you do it in a well ventilated area, as the fume can be toxic.


Add a little bit of Liver of Sulphur to hot water until the water looks yellowish/brownish color.


Let’s watch the magic…


You will notice the color of your jewelry change slowly from white to blue/green/grey color.


This is how it looks after 60 seconds…


To achieve its darkest look, just immerse your jewelry in the solution in longer time, say approximate 3-5 minutes. Remove the piece from the solution and rinse with water. The result was a matte finish dark grey color (it’s not black).


In my project, I would like to have the earring in shine finishing. I need to bind the Cubic Zirconia Briolette with copper wires before send it for tumbling.


This was the result after tumbling….nice huh?


In final step, use very fine steel wool (#0000) to partially remove the oxidized surface and you will achieve the following antiqued finishing:


In case you are interested to make the above earring, feel free to do so.

Material Lists:
1) 16 gauge Sterling Silver Round Wire
2) 18 gauge Sterling Silver Round Wire
3) 20 gauge Sterling Silver Twisted Wire
4) 26 gauge Fine Silver Round Wire
5) 2.5mm Sterling Silver Beads
6) Cubic Zirconia, Tanzanite Color, Flat Briolette.

Credit: The construction of earring frame is inspired from Emi Kaz’s The Royal Chocolate Earrings ( http://emikaz.blogspot.com/2010/02/lil-l uxe-collection.html)

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Sneak Peek – New Products Arriving Soon

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The following products will be arriving very soon (within this week). In stead of waiting for us to upload, we now offer a service to reserve/pre-book them and complete the transaction via email. You may then combine ship with your online purchase. Send your reservation request to booking@beading.my

1) Anti Tarnish Paper Tab by 3M

3M-anti-tarnish-tab-to-protect-silver-gold.jpgRM6 / pkg of 20 pcs

Protects metals from discoloration/tarnish. Last approximately 6 months in a jewelry case or other enclosed, depending on exposure to air. Protects silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, gold and pewter. These work great to protect jewelry, silverware, dinnerware, instruments or other metal items from tarnish. Use a 1″ paper tab for up to 30 cubic inches.

2) Bead Mat

bead-mats-by-beadsmith.jpgRM5.00 / pkg of 2 pcs

Create a comfortable work space on any table or tray and prevent your beads from rolling away! Super-soft, foam-like material is ideal when working with small beads Includes 2 washable bead mats. Mats measure 8″” x 8″”

3) Pop Out Ring Sizers

Pop-Out-Ring-Sizers.jpgRM3.00 / each

This economical plastic finger gauge is so practical. Each ring size is removable so that prospective customers can take them for easy reference. Each ring is clearly marked in half sizes from 2-1/2 to 14 (US Size).

4) Finger Sizes Plastic with mm Marking

finger-sizes-plastic-with-mm-marking.jpgRM10.00 / each

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