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Earring Design Using Copper Wire

What if you don’t have the 2 in 1 Wire Writer and Jig System? Can you create nice earring using copper wire? The answer is absolutely YES! Look at 2 samples below:

What Can You Do with Our 2 in 1 Wire Writer and Jig System?

This post is not about how to use our 2 in 1 Wire Writer and Jig System. I did receive some requests from customers to teach them how to use the Jig system. Sorry to disappoint you for the moment. However, here is just a sample of earring design which require the Jig System to […]

New Products Update: Links and Drops

We have updated some new products, i.e: Links and Drops. They are categorized under Jewelry Findings -> Links & Drops Here are some pictures. For price details, kindly visit Links & Drops Sample Design: Here is another product named Pre-Formed Wire. They are handmade using 0.6mm Silver Color Copper Wire. Slightly changes in size and […]

New Products Update: Swarovski Pendant

We have added some lovely Swarovski Pendant into our catalogue. Here are they: Snowflake, StarFish, Leaf and Matte Frosted Heart. For product specifications and pricing details, kindly visit our product catalogue. They are so shinning and sparkling like nobody business I’m really amazed with the crystals created by Swarovski.

Promotional Code: TOL40 will be ended on 7th December 2007

This is to announce that the PROMOTIONAL CODE: TOL40 will be ended on 7th December 2007. You might not know what is the discount for the above code because it was only targeted to customer who have opted-in to receive our newsletter. If you would like to receive our on and off promotional code to […]