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Beaded Polymer Clay Doll

Here is another new innovative 3D Beaded Polymer Clay Doll brought to you by How many of you have seen it before? One of my sisters is living in Taiwan, therefore i got the oppoturnity to get the beading idea inspired by Taiwanese. Don’t worry, we continue looking for new innovative beading idea so […]

Artistic Wire: Permanent Regular Colored, Non-Tarnish Brass and Silver Plated Copper Wire

Updated: visit our online catalog here: Artistic Wire Artistic Wire is a leading supplier of high quality wire to the craft industry. They are permanently coated anti-tarnish copper wire, comes in regular color, silver plated colors and Non-Tarnish Brass (Gold). This wire can be used for jewelry making, beading, scrapbooking, home decor, and much more. […]

Call for Tester Program: Terms and Conditions (updated on 1st May)

We would like to invite beaders to test out our New Way to Bead 3D Figurine (Miniature) . Below are the terms and conditions: To make our test kit product more attractive, we have ammended some of the T & C (as highlighted). Our aim is to encourage more people to test out the test […]

Call for Tester Program: Test Kit #1~ Weave a Puppy! (Closed)

Interested to learn how to weave a puppy, yet at a special price? Click here if you do not know what is Call for Tester Program. Materials included in the DIY Kit: (1) 3mm Swarovski Bicone Color: 4 pcs (2) 4mm Swarovski Bicone 5301: 47 pcs (3) 5mm Swarovski Bicone Color: 4 pcs (4) Japan […]

New Way to Bead 3D Figurine (Miniature)

Many people do not bead for 3D figurine like animals, sweeties, fruits…etc is because they felt difficulties in doing it. The fact is, YES, you are right! 3D beaded figurines are in fact much more difficult than those 2 string weaving bracelet. You must have a good imagination on how is the figurine look while […]