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Price Slash Again for Stainless Steel Pliers

Once again, we have slashed the price for Professional Stainless Steel Pliers, i.e: Round Nose, Chain Nose (both Smooth and serrated jaws), Flat Nose and Cutting Pliers. If you have been following us since last year, you may noticed that the original price was RM25.00 per pcs. Then somewhere in May 2008, we have our […]

Swarovski ‘s Inspirational Guide May 2008 ~ Dip Into PACIFIC Ease

FREE DOWNLOAD (right click and save target as): Swarovski ‘s Inspirational Guide May 2008: Dip Into PACIFIC Ease Click the link if you would like to find out how to claim a FREE COPY of Swarovski’s Inspirational Guide CD PREVIEW:

Books Review: Collection of Beaded Jewelry 130 Projects

Updated on 28th July: Sorry, the book is no longer available. Title: Collection of Beaded Jewelry ~ 130 Projects Language: Chinese Level: Intermediate (not suitable for beginner level) Techniques: Stringing and Weaving The designs taught in the book are more in Japanese Style as this book is originally written in Japanese and has been translated […]

Redeem Your FREE Copy of Swarovski’s Inspirational Guide CD

Some of beading artists already got their FREE copy of Swarovski Inspirational Guide CD, below is one of the feedback ( haha, actually this is the only feedback i got so far…..the CD not good meh? Or Malaysians are too lazy and shy to give feedback ) “For beaders enthusiast…don’t miss the Insiprational CD,really worth […]

Swarovski ‘s Inspirational Guide June 2008 ~ Travel Shape & Memories

Last week, icy went to Swarovski (Singapore) regional office to attend an Appliation Workshop traning. She has brought back some free gifts for you all, i.e: Swarovki’s Monthly Inspiratioal Guides since Feb 2006 until latest June 2008. We have granted the permission from Swarovski to distribute the CD as a complementary FREE gift. How to […]