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Swarovski Beads String + Color Chart Especially Designed for Create-Your-Style Partners !

Be the first to grab this beads string + color chart that is officially launched by Swarovski for their Create-Your-Style partners! Just received the parcel this afternoon that contains Beads String + Color Chart from Swarovski. Let’s see what we have got here… Wow, what a nice packing!! A Beads String, a foldable color chart […]

How To Use Clamshell and Crimp Beads

We need clam shell as a middle man to attach clasps onto a piece of jewelry. To make attachment possible, you must place one clamshell at each end of the jewelry. Clamshell also gives the jewelry piece a good finishing look by hiding unsightly knots. Crimp Beads, some times also known as stopper, is a […]

How To Make A Perfect Simple Loop

Following is a detail instruction how to make a perfect simple loop. I bet you have never come across such a detail instruction on making a simple loop technique. Once you have master the skill, you can actually skip some of the steps below. Step 1: Slide beads onto a headpin. Step 2: Use chain […]

How To Open and Close A Jumpring

Step 1: Place a pair of flat or chain nose pliers on each side of the opening, with one pair positioned at 3:00, and the other at 6:00. Step 2: To open the jumpring, move one pair of pliers away from you and the other pair towards you. You may also hold the other pair […]

How To Use A Jumpring Opener

This handy tool will make opening a jumpring without having to use 2 pliers at ease! Step 1: Place the jumpring opener on the index finger of your non-dominant hand. You may also place on your thumb but it is too small to fit into my thumb Step 2: Use Flat Nose Pliers / Chain […]