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New DIY Mini Shops Have Arrived

Updated on 29th Nov: Last batch (3rd) of stocks have arrived. If you missed it again, then you will have to wait until… not going to be earlier then mid of Jan 2009. WohohoHohooho… new stocks for DIY Mini Shops have been updated. Unfortunately, we don’t have new stock for the most popular design, Sakura […]

Welcome to New Beads Talk Interface !!

[poll id=”2“] Dear Beads Talk readers, I am pleased to announce a completely New Beads Talk Theme. It is a clean looking theme that reeks of professionalism and style. What I like most is the 2 columns sidebar that contain more organised categories. I’m still working on re-organising the posts and categories. Some pictures has […]

One-Click to Track Your Parcel Online within

Previously, in order to track your parcel, you will need to logon to (or email account) to retrieve your tracking number. Then you will need to visit Skynet/Pos Laju website, fill in the tracking number, and hit the button TRACK. Skynet is still alright, but Pos Laju has the most idiotic website that I […]

First Time Ever Sales! Why??

Hey Beaders, if you have been following us since 2006 ( Oops, to be more precise, I should say since 2005, remember ), this is our first time ever sales for many products. The only few sales I remember was the Overstocked Sales for Stainless Steel Tools, Pre-Order BeadMaster DVD and a few times […]

DIY Mini Shops Are Available for Sale!

First batch of DIY Mini Shops have arrived and I have claimed back yesterday. There are total of 52 boxes only for this batch. Second batch will be arriving next week hopefully and third batch 2-3 weeks later. Well, again, here is PROMO CODE exclusively for our Online Customers, only for those who Placed Their […]