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New Products Updated: 925 Sterling Silver Findings & Price Slashed

In the past, some clients approched us had mistaken that Sterling Silver do not tarnish. The fact is, Sterling silver tarnishes simply by being in contact with the air. Pure silver, also called fine silver, is defined as 99.9% pure silver is, like gold, impervious to tarnish, or oxidation on the surface. However, pure silver […]

New Products Updated: Mat Salleh’s Favorite Products II

Let’s see what we have for part II Mat Salleh’s Favorite Products. Nymo Thread in small bobbin – A parallel multifilament thread was one of the earliest and is still one of the most popular beadweaving threads in US & Europe. In Asia, we normally use the monofilament thread, a.k.a fishing thread (or tali tangsi […]

Free Download: Swarovski ’s Inspirational Guide Aug 2007 ~ FEEL THE JETSET GLAMOUR

Just thinking of the Art Déco District brings to mind iconic images of futuristic 60′s and the stars relaxing under palm trees. Add a touch of jetsetglamour wearing white sunglasses with pieces of crystal by CREATE your STYLE™ with CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements. The black and white sunglass-chain turns into the most astonishing accessory serving […]

Free Download: Swarovski ’s Inspirational Guide Sept 2007 ~ Illuminate Your Space

Step-by-Step 2D Diagram tutorial available for this project. FREE DOWNLOAD (right click and save target as): Swarovski Inspirational Guide Sept 2007 – Illuminate Your Pace CONDITIONS OF USE: The Swarovski Inspirational Guide is especially designed for Swarovski Create-Your-Style Partner like to organise Jewelry making workshop and to use it as part of the marketing […]

Free Download: Swarovski ’s Inspirational Guide Oct 2007 ~ A WORLD OF ENDLESS VARIETY

A WORLD OF ENDLESS VARIETY – Drawing on the delights of our global culture. Every culture has its precious objects, its talismans of luck and love and just as world music comprises other rhythms to captivate our attention, we too can now draw on a whole range of creative influences. This is a tribute to […]