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How To Use Wire Protector

Wire Protectors, a.k.a Wire Guardians, are designed to protect wire from undue wear from clasps and other sharp-edged components. Similar to French wire, only stiff and pre-curved into a horseshoe shape. Finishing a necklace or a bracelet with Wire Protectors also ensures that you get nice, neat, even-sized, professional looking loops at each end. Step […]

Jewelry Making Class: All About Earrings 101

Title: All About Earrings Duration: 2 1/2 hours Fees: RM60/pax, inclusive: a) All supplies to make 4 projects b) Color printed step-by-step instructions. Techniques taught during the class: a) Making Simple and Beaded Loop b) Stringing & Weaving c) Learn to use the following findings: Headpins, Eyepins, Earwires, Crimp Beads Project 1: Project 2: Project […]

Jewelry Making Class: Stringing & Weaving 101

Finally, our very own beading class is back! Title: Stringing & Weaving 101 All the following 3 new designs are created in such that, the students will be able to pick up beading hobby (in correct skills) in a merely 3 – 3 1/2 hours. Let’s see what students will be able to learn from […]

Making Earrings in Super Economy Way with Nylon Coated Beading Wire

What can you buy with RM0.80 (USD0.24) ? I could hardly buy a pack of Nasi Lemak bungkus (Nasi Lemak is traditionally sold wrapped in banana leaves.) nowaday. Beading can be an expensive hobby, but it can also be very very affordable. This post is to give you an idea of using Nylon Coated Beading […]

Free Download: Swarovski ’s Inspirational Guide Jun & July 2007

Individualize Your Shoes With Twinkling Crystals. START DANCING WITH SPARKLING HIGHLIGHTS !!! Step-by-step Instruction FREE DOWNLOAD (right click and save target as): Swarovski Inspirational Guide July 2007 – Start Dancing with Sparkling Highlights BOOST YOUR GOOD FORTUNE !!! Embellish Your MACRAME CHARM Bracelet with Sparkling Treasures Step-by-step Instruction FREE DOWNLOAD (right click and save target […]