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Help To Report Typing Error

The website is solely maintain by me. To speed up the updating process, most of the time i just “copy and paste” the content description of a new product from the other. In this case, i might just overlooked to change the content description which resulted a contradiction between the title and description. Here […]

Help Us To Keep Our Beading Class at Low Price!

Do you know how we could keep the Beading Class at low price? The most important element to keep the class at low price is because we don’t want to charge you at high price. Am i right? Just kidding….. Well, this kind of similar class can easily cost you RM 180 – RM 350 […]

Mind to Share Your Thoughts with

We would like to invite you to share your thoughts about! Basically you can share your opinion, comment, suggestion on anything about This sharing section doesn’t limited to our existing customers. You can leave your comment here even if you are our web visitor. Currently we are compiling an e-book for beginners. Tentatively […]