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3D Crystal Land ~ Crystallized with Swarovski Elements

Below are our collection of 3D Beaded Figurine made by iCy in the past few years. Mostly based on the instruction from Japanese Beading book and some created by herself. All the cute figurines are displayed at our counter and we name it as Crystal Land. The Crystal Land. Cakes, IceCream, Strawberry…etc. Miss Watermelon, Pandas, […]

Free Tutorial: 3D Beaded Polymer Clay Doll ~ Inexpensive Version

Beading Supplies: A – 3mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Light Rose x 6 pcs B – 5mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Crystal AB x 2 pcs C – 4mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Crystal AB x 4 pcs D – 5mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Light Rose x 4 pcs E – 6mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Rose x 4 […]

Free Tutorial: 3D Beaded Polymer Clay Doll ~ Most Popular Version

Not sure if you are aware of our new products updated, i.e: Polymer Clay Doll Head Don’t you think they are so adorable? Our initial plan is to package it into a DIY Kit. However, there are many possibilities of colors combination. Therefore we leave it to you and provide you the tutorial here. Take […]

Call for Tester Program: Test Kit #2 ~ Two Little Birds (Closed)

Hoho….test kit #2 is available now. The first test kits closed within 36 hours, may be more people prefer the puppy. I’m wondering how will be the response for this test kit. Before you request for this test kit, make sure you have read the updated version of Call for Tester Program: Terms and Conditions […]

New Way to Bead 3D Figurine (Miniature)

Many people do not bead for 3D figurine like animals, sweeties, fruits…etc is because they felt difficulties in doing it. The fact is, YES, you are right! 3D beaded figurines are in fact much more difficult than those 2 string weaving bracelet. You must have a good imagination on how is the figurine look while […]