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DIY Mini Shops Are Available for Sale!

First batch of DIY Mini Shops have arrived and I have claimed back yesterday. There are total of 52 boxes only for this batch. Second batch will be arriving next week hopefully and third batch 2-3 weeks later. Well, again, here is PROMO CODE exclusively for our Online Customers, only for those who Placed Their […]

DIY Mini Shop ~ Sakura Pavilion

We hand carried back 5 sets of Mini Shops. One set was given to my sister-in-law who resides in Singapore and the other set was sold to our friend, Joan from Joan Beads House. Joan is our first customer whom purchased this mini shop and has published her work in her blog. You may visit […]

DIY Mini Shop ~ Gentle Breeze Step-by-Step Tutorial Part 2 of 2

Let’s continue the part 2 of this tutorial… (Where to get Balsa Wood? From Instruction for Materials Bag C: Bag C Step 1 SALVER: Bend Thick Wire C2 into round shape (diameter ~ 3cm), roll Thin Wire C3 on it. Glue it onto the Black Paper and cut off the excess paper to make […]

DIY Mini Shop ~ Gentle Breeze Step-by-Step Tutorial Part 1 of 2

This is gonna be a long post and therefore I divide it into two post. Let’s see what you will get in this kit. It also comes with a Material Check List. The diagrams are made according to the real size (ratio). You may easily compare the materials with them. Before you start, please prepare […]

DIY Mini Shop ~ Gentle Breeze

Wow, i cannot believe that i have completed a Mini shop ~ Gentle Breeze! I had not felt so satisfied for quite some time, believe me! Mini Shop Overall Dimension ~ 16cm x 16cm Icy and I spent about 3 hours to finish this kit (both of us are totally new to this). That said, […]