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How To Use Wire Protector

Wire Protectors, a.k.a Wire Guardians, are designed to protect wire from undue wear from clasps and other sharp-edged components. Similar to French wire, only stiff and pre-curved into a horseshoe shape. Finishing a necklace or a bracelet with Wire Protectors also ensures that you get nice, neat, even-sized, professional looking loops at each end. Step […]

How To Use The Coiling Tools

Prior to the release of Tear Drop with Love Wired Necklace Tutorial, I would like to show you how to use the coiling tools. Oh ya, the coiling tools is not available for sale yet. New stocks will be arriving in store somewhere during mid of March. Step 1: Insert the L shape cranking rod […]

How To Use Clamshell and Crimp Beads

We need clam shell as a middle man to attach clasps onto a piece of jewelry. To make attachment possible, you must place one clamshell at each end of the jewelry. Clamshell also gives the jewelry piece a good finishing look by hiding unsightly knots. Crimp Beads, some times also known as stopper, is a […]

How To Make A Perfect Simple Loop

Following is a detail instruction how to make a perfect simple loop. I bet you have never come across such a detail instruction on making a simple loop technique. Once you have master the skill, you can actually skip some of the steps below. Step 1: Slide beads onto a headpin. Step 2: Use chain […]

How To Open and Close A Jumpring

Step 1: Place a pair of flat or chain nose pliers on each side of the opening, with one pair positioned at 3:00, and the other at 6:00. Step 2: To open the jumpring, move one pair of pliers away from you and the other pair towards you. You may also hold the other pair […]