Free Tutorial ~ 7 pcs Swarovski Heart Pendants

October 19th, 2008 in Pendants | 19 Comments


Do you still remember that I have promised to give away Free Tutorial for the following project once the number of subscribers for Beads Talk has reach 100?

Well, I have decided to give this tutorial to all readers of Beads Talk and promised to give away another Free tutorial especially for Subscribers only ASAP. So, if you haven’t subscribe to Beads Talk, you may click here: Subscribe to Beads Talk by Email.


Beading Supplies:
A – 10mm Swarovski Heart Shape #6202 Topaz AB x 7 pcs
B – 4mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Light Topaz x 17 pcs
C – 2mm Japanese Matsuno Seed Beads Antique Brown x 30 pcs

Other Supplies:
40cm Nymo Thread 0.35mm (or 0.3mm) or Tiger Tail 0.38mm

Here you go:


Step 1: String 1 A and align it to the center of the thread.


Step 2: Add 1 C, 1 B and 1 C respectively onto both threads on your right and left hand.


Step 3: “Cross” both threads with 1 A.


Step 4: Besically from this step on wards, just Repeat step 2 & 3.


Step 5: Repeat step 3


Step 6: This is how it looks when you have strung 4th A.


Step 7: This is how it looks when you have strung 7th A.


Step 8: “Cross” both threads with B & C according to the bead work as shown above.


Step 9: Push the left string through the hole of 7th A.


Step 10: Gently pull both threads.


Step 10: Tie 2 simple knots and cut the excess threads.

Taa Dah~!!!!!

Tips and Tricks from iCy:
Swarovski Heart Pendant 6202# has sharp edge around the hole. If you use Nymo Thread, be gentle while pulling both threads. Tiger Tail is stronger but it is not transparent and cannot perform “hide thread” process at final step. Note: New version of Swarovski Heart Pendant has smooth edge but Stupiiiid larger hole.

Try it by your own and email your bead work to me alright? You don’t have to get the supplies from us in order to share your work with me….. I would be Happier if you treat me as Beaders who has same passion like you rather than a Beads Suppliers :)

With similar technique, you can design a matching bracelet.


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19 Responses to “Free Tutorial ~ 7 pcs Swarovski Heart Pendants”

  1. Many thanks….. I’ve been waiting for this

  2. This is wonderful……….. thank you so much….

  3. sharifah norizan on October 20th, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    tq icy.its awesome

  4. Thanks icy. we like it. Will try different color to match

  5. i’ve tried to use only 5pcs of heart shape beads, nice also, and suitable for day time.

  6. @rozita/Angeline/sharifah/Jenny K:

    This is one of our best selling pendant, I’m sure you and your friends will like it!

    @Joan: Come on, show it in your blog so that I could ask other beaders to visit your blog :)

  7. Thanks for the tutorial. Hey, it looks so simple to do but I’ve yet to try it out. I’ll try it out with whatever beads I have first.

  8. I managed to complete 2 sets of the Heart Pendants for my daughter today. Do you think it will look better with the 12mm size heart pendant?

    Many thanks again for the tutorial. Since I have resumed my interest in beading. looks like I’ll be hooked on it for quite a while!

  9. Hi Icy…
    what a wonderful creation u have here…..too nice n beautiful…..
    i am about to start to do all this…..maybe i will share my experience with you once i have done mine…..
    hope can learn from you a lot…….
    keep the good work…

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  11. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I will look forward to making my own.

  12. Oh, this is so pretty! I don’t have the Swarovskis (not in my budget!), but I do have some very nice pink quartz hearts that would be very pretty done up this way… I’ll save my pennies for the Swarovskis, though…this pendant is gorgeous.

    I’d bet that this could be done with smaller-scale beads and make some great earrings, too!

  13. @toppogigio: I’m sure your pink quartz will look very nice too! Send us a picture once you have done that, ok?

  14. honto ni arigato gozaimasu!!!!
    sangat membantu!!

    diperbanyak dong…
    biar aku bisa belajar gratis! ^_^;
    soalnya biaya kursusnya mahal..

  15. hey guys..i came across this blog while surfing for bali trip and subsequently fell in love with beading…what a cool activities you have here to share similar passion and have generated wires of networks..i’m surely will be part of this networks!!

  16. This is so pretty. I would really like to do the bracelet in red, pink and clear AB for a Valentine’s Day gift in a few months.
    I shared a link to this on
    I hope you don’t mind, if you do please lmk. Thanks!

  17. @Krista: Yes sure, you are welcome.

  18. jalan jalan eh sampai ke sini deh…. dikit2 kasih komeng…… yah sitenya udah cukup menarik kok…… sering2 di update biar tambah mak nyus

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