Free Tutorial ~ Simple Swarovski Butterfly Earring

October 19th, 2008 in Earrings | 5 Comments


This is the tutorial for our DIY KIT: Swarovski Butterfly Earring (Model: 1002)


Beading Supplies:
A – 3mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Crystal AB x 4 pcs
B – 4mm Swarovski Bicone #5301 Jet x 2 pcs
C – 8mm Swarovski Butterfly #5754 Jet x 2 pcs

Other Supplies:
D – 3cm Headpin with ball x 2 pcs
E – 2.5cm Eyepin x 2 pcs
F – Ear Wire x 1 pairs


Step 1: Slide 1 A, 1 C & 1 A onto the headpin.


Step 2: Use Chain Nose Pliers, bend a right agle as shown in the picture above. Bend slowly, don’t break your beads ya?


Step 3: Cut the excess headpin at position about 8mm measured from the hole of A.


Step 4: Use Round Nose Pliers to make a simple loop.


Step 5: Take an eyepin, slide 1 B onto it.


Step 6: Repeat step 3.


Step 7: Repeat step 4.


Step 8: Use Chain Nose Pliers to open the loop in upward position.


Step 9: Attach the beaded butterfly link onto the loop that you have opened in previous step. Close the loop in the reverse direction.


Step 10: Repeat step 8 and now attach the ear wire onto it. Repeat step 1 – 10 for the other earring.

Very Easy right?

Some beaders do not aware that it is very important to use Correct Tools and Technique in order to protect your Handmade Jewelries (or may be they are too lazy to swap the tools).

Tips & Tricks from iCy:
At step 8, Do Not use round nose pliers to pull the loop apart. First, you might not be able to close the loop nicely. Second, you might also damage the loop. Once you have damaged the loop, your findings will get tarnished faster than it is used to be!

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5 Responses to “Free Tutorial ~ Simple Swarovski Butterfly Earring”

  1. Yup It is very important to use Correct Tools and Technique to protect your Handmade Jewelries. Here you have described a simple way of 10 steps to make hand made jewelry.

  2. Excellent tutorial, thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I have some beautifl crystal butterflies in blue that will make a nice set.

  4. My daughter will love these! Thanks for the great tutorial.
    I shared a link to this on:
    I hope you don’t mind, if you do please let me know. Thanks!

  5. @Krista: Yes sure, you are welcome.

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