How To Make A Perfect Simple Loop

October 27th, 2008 in Tutorial - Basic Techniques | 12 Comments


Following is a detail instruction how to make a perfect simple loop. I bet you have never come across such a detail instruction on making a simple loop technique. Once you have master the skill, you can actually skip some of the steps below.


Step 1: Slide beads onto a headpin.


Step 2: Use chain nose pliers, grip the pin at distance approx. 1mm above the last bead added onto your headpin.


Step 3: Use your thumb to push the beads downward slowly, until the tip of your pliers almost touches the bead.


Step 4: First, move your pliers slightly away from the bead and continue pushing the beads until the wire (from this point onwards we refer the excess part as wire) is bend into right angle.


Step 5: Cut the excess wire using cutting pliers, leaving approx. 8mm of wire. If you would like to archieve a larger loop, you may leave 10mm of excess wire.


Step 6: Hold the beads with your non-dominant hand as shown (in this case, left hand is my non-dominant hand). Use round nose pliers, grab at very end of wire using tips of your round nose pliers. Take note of the Green and Red color circles indications that tell you how to position your pliers.


Step 7: Grasp the end wire and rotate your wrist in the direction as shown in picture above. Take note of the green and red color indication.


Step 8: Flip your pliers with your palm facing up. Push the tips of the pliers 4mm in the direction as shown (depending on how fine or thick of a point your round nose pliers have, you might need to adjust the distance in order to achieve the same size loop). Shall I mention the green & red color indication again?


Step 9: Grasp and rotate your pliers approx. 90 degree or until you feel difficult to continue. Please take note that my left hand is not shown in the picture in order to take a clearer picture. You should always hold the beads with index finger & thumb while twisting.


Step 10: Release your grip and rotate your wrist in direction as shown. Then grip the wire again and rotate to form a loop.


Step 11: At this point you might need to adjust the gripping position in order to achieve a nice loop. A perfect loop has to be a complete circle centered over the wire stem as shown in the next picture.


Last but not least, be careful while cuting the excess wire. The unwanted excess part might fly off and hit someone’s eye… please pay extra precaution. Following are two techniques to prevent this from happening.


Method 1: Hold the excess wire with your index and middle finger while cutting.


Method 2: Face the end wire downward while cutting. I personally prefer method 2 because it is a lot faster and I’m able to use my index finger as a ruler to measure wire length of 8 mm.

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12 Responses to “How To Make A Perfect Simple Loop”

  1. thank you for the detailed instructions. It is definitely very helpful. In fact, I made a few simple loops this evening following your instructions.
    If you have the opportunity, would you please kindly publish a post on wrapped loop?
    thanks again!

  2. @Mei: sure, why not? :)

    But I’m not in the momentum of creating tutorials for the moment, will definitely keep it in my mind in near future.

    currently more concentrate in updating our store’s products.

    Do check back later ya? Oh ya, you may subscribe to our blog mailing list to get the latest update.

  3. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions. Tried quite a lot of times but was unsuccessful. I thought I’ll finish the whole packet of pin heads before I can even get it 100% correct. It’s so simple and yet I could not get it! I got the perfect loop just a while ago ! Thanks again.

  4. @Emily Tan: It looks easy, but actually not, especially for beginners.

    Just need to practice more… try 50 times lah.

  5. Hi Steve,
    Do you have a shop around KL? Where is it?

  6. @Chiquita: Yes, you may retrieve our shop address here (at footer):

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  8. krn bgt nih blh tw gx alat dan bahan yg d perlukan pha aja ni gx da yg d jual ya ?

  9. @zahra: Oops, I don’t get what you meant…

  10. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I struggled trying to get the best loop, but your site made it so much easier.

  11. love those tips…ty so much

  12. Thanks great work.

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