How To Use The Coiling Tools

February 21st, 2009 in Tutorial - Basic Techniques | 7 Comments


Prior to the release of Tear Drop with Love Wired Necklace Tutorial, I would like to show you how to use the coiling tools.

Oh ya, the coiling tools is not available for sale yet. New stocks will be arriving in store somewhere during mid of March.


Step 1: Insert the L shape cranking rod into the holes of the U shape bracket.


Step 2: Wrap the end wire around the eye of the cranking rod.


Step 3: Use your thumb to gently press the wire against the bracket as shown in the picture above.


Step 4: You may start to crank in clockwise direction.


Step 5: Continue cranking…

Look! I cranked it so fast that the camera can’t even capture a sharp image. LOL :P


Step 6: Continue cranking until desired length.

I managed to crank a coiled wire length of 5cm after 5 seconds. Wanna challenge my speed, huh?


Step 7: Unwrap the end wire from the eye, then pull the cranking tools out of the bracket.


Step 8: Cut off the unwanted wire from the coil using flush cutter.


Tadaa… this is what you will get – a coiled wire.


You can shape it as you like, to create unlimited design potential in jewelry making.


Or coil the coiled wire onto another wire, like a snake right? :P

Below are samples that I made in earlier time:


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7 Responses to “How To Use The Coiling Tools”

  1. For sale ?

  2. [...] To reduce the cost of the tools, there is No box packaging, No sample wire, No instruction sheet. All you get is One Cranking Rod and One U Bracket. You may get the tutorial here: How To Use Coiling Tool [...]

  3. bagus banget designnya y mas…
    mas, aq mau tanya dimana ya bs beli cooling tools nya???
    plis,,,,kasih tau ya mas,

  4. I feel great if u can teach or show tutorial for Artistic Wire’s Wire Worker Kits. i bought this few weeks a go but until now i dont know how to use it. hope u can help me.thanks

  5. Sadly, I haven’t had any chance to use this particular product.

    Frankly speaking, when we brought in more and more products, we may not know every items. You may google around to see if there are tutorial.

  6. dapetin alat2nya dimana ya???

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