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This is gonna be my last and the longest post for year 2008!

One of the topics that came across my mind in early 2008 was to compile a list of Malaysian Beaders’ Blog. I’m really glad to see more and more beaders have set up their blog. You know, one of my daily routine habit is to read beaders’ blog. It is really enjoyable to read their post to keep myself updated with current trend, new design, events (e.g: Art For Grab)…etc. Some beaders even put up our link in their blog, thank you so much! Today, I would also like to send out some link love too. :)

Very often, we do receive inquiry about customization of jewelry. We have to turn it down as we were really too busy with packing, packing and P.A.C.K.I.N.G. If you are interested to own one-of-a-kind jewelry, you may visit the following beaders’ blog (arranged in alphabetical order).

Update: I would like to write a short description about the Beaders’ Blog, however, I’m not a good writer. Can the blog owner do me a favor? Write something about your blog (~ 50 words) and mail to me? Thanks!

(1) Accessories Lover by Accessories Lover


(2) Atelier Wendy Sue by Wendy Sue


(3) Beads Garden Fashion by Eva Ng


(4) Bead Passion by Felicia


(5) Charming Pieces by Shi Min


(6) Chatterbeads by Wai Yee


(7) Cherish Memories by Cherish Memories


(8) Choobs Trinkets by Hwee Yen


(9) Dainty Dreams by Dainty Dreams


(10) Diary of A Miniature Enthusiast by Wendy Gan


(11) de Cor’s Handmades by Corra

de Cor’s Handmades is a journey of wonderful wire wrapped jewelry, featuring Corra’s signature Chinese Knotting in Wire. Corra is self taught, and has been creating and teaching her exquisite designs since December 2007. Her generous selection of Step By Step Tutorials, are beautifully written and illustrated. Many are bundled into cost saving packagages, so you can easily afford to have them all. Make sure you thoroughly browse her blog, so as not to miss any of her phenomenal designs.


(12) Eclettica, The Atelier by Sheela Goh

The creative force behind Eclettica The Atelier is Borneo born and bred Sheela Goh. What started out as a dare has become a “live, breathe, dream” obsession; an obsession which culminated into a tempestuous love affair with wire-wrapped jewellery in November 2007. Greatly influenced by the eccentric geniuses that are Lacroix, Galliano, McQueen, Garçons, Rhodes, Gaultier and Moschino, as well as by the maverick madhatter milliner Philip Treacy himself, Sheela sets about to create decadent designer jewellery that is intricate, precise, collectible and totally unexpected. You can view her completed pieces on Etsy.


(13) Emi Kaz’s Arts and Beauty by Emi


(14) Handmade Jewelry Club by Jane

Handmade-Jewelry-Club is an online community cum blogshops contributed by HANDMADE jewelry makers from Asia, particularly from Malaysia. Members can share their tips or design ideas, or simply to sell or promote their creations, tutorial or classes. The club is aiming at helping the jewelry makers to promote their creations by actively promoting the club through the internet media. This will allow the jewelry makers to concentrate on what they are good at ie creating beautiful pieces of jewelries or accessories. Needless to say, Handmade Jewelry Club is also a marketplace for jewelry lovers to buy and sell beautiful handmade jewelries.


(15) Herbal Tree by Stephanie


(16) I Love Beading by iCy Yeo


(17) Joan Beads House by Joan


(18) JPBeads by Jenny Pong

Here at jpbeads, you will find Jenny’s unique beadworks and creations of wearable arts using wide range of materials in different colours, patterns and textures. If you like mystical, fanciful and magical fantasy, have a peek at jpbeads’ exclusvie range which illustrates sophisticated and detailed wire-wrapped designs with marvellous and elegant coil, wave, curve and loop motifs. Jenny has recently wrote her first tutorial “Trinity Circle“. Jenny hopes to share more of her works and techniques to create pretty elegant jewelry and accessories that you can wear season after season.


(19) Jumping Beads by Alxkate

“We love beads and we love beautiful beads combined into beautiful pieces of jewelleries. And we love jewelleries that make us look good and feel confident.At jumpingbeads, we provide product range from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. The principle of our design is simple and elegant so that it matches naturally to your hairstyle and dressing. We also provide customize service i.e. jewelleries designed according to your requirements and preference. At any moment in life, you may have a dress to kill for but you’re missing the final touch…the matching piece! So let us find the missing puzzle for you!” – Alxkate


(20) ‘Lil Jewelry Lover by liljewelrylover


(21) Megan Hor by Megan Hor


(22) Mimpi Murni by Murni


(23) Mystica by Donna Liew

“Welcome to Mystica. I make earrings out of unusual crystals like labradorite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, and charoite. These stones are deeply enchanting and I’m always eager to transform them into attractive pieces of jewelry. It has been half a year since I started making crystal earrings. My designs are often inspired by the set of crystals i work with depending on the color, texture, size and their healing effects. Each pair of earring is unique. I do accept special orders to re-create the same design, but please drop me an email to check on availability. Worldwide shipping at a standard rate.” – Donna


(24) Riqzmie Creation by Yati Salem


(25) Round Bead by Yen Yen

Round Bead offers a wide varsity of bracelets, ear rings, necklaces etc. Customizing jewelry is also offered whereby anyone can design and make the accessory he or she desired.


(26) Saya Sukalah by Shaz


(27) Soak Republic by Soak Republic


(28) Twinkle by Angela


(29) Vicky’s Handmade Jewelry

“I am a beaded jewellery maniac ! so interested and passionate about beads and beadworks. In, you will find my creations; mostly for sale, some are gifts and some pieces I grow so attached to that I just want to keep them.” – Vicky, Beaded Jewelry Artist

“Creativity is inherent in any individual, and inspiration can come from many sources, but there are basics that you must know, or you will be frustrated in your attempts.” – Vicky, Beaded Jewelry Instructor


(30) WireBlissMei by Mei

WireBlissMei – features Mei’s addiction and love affair with wire wrap jewelry since 2006. You will find all kind of wire wrapping techniques that Mei used to create her works including twisting, weaving, braiding, knotting, crocheting, etc. You can also find useful links and resources to other jewelry websites and wire jewelry artists from all over the world. She recently ventured into compiling step by step pictorial wire jewelry tutorials which are also available on her blog and etsy shop. Most important of all, Mei hopes to keep you and especially wire jewelry artists (or “to be” wire jewelry artists/addicts) inspired and keep creating/wrapping up beautiful one of a kind wire wrapped jewelry.


Here are my 2 cents of advise:

(1) Please resize your pictures and rename them. Some images are as large as 2600 pixel, which is far larger than readers’ monitor screen size. Large images will cause your webpage load slower.

(2) Write a short description about yourself in your homepage sidebar, then link to your ‘About Me/Us’ page. Don’t forget to put down your name alright?

(3) Other than jewelry making, perhaps write something about your life, friends and family, pets, travel log…etc will make your blog more interesting and unique.

Phew~~!! I spent almost 3 hours to compile the list :) If your blog is not in the list, please drop me an email alright? I will update the list after 3 months.

Hope you enjoy reading this post!

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  1. Hi Steve! Thanks and appreciate very much for this feature.
    I am glad you post this seahorse picture as I really like it as well.
    Have a Happy Happy New Year and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

  2. Hi Steve.
    WOW!! 3 hours to compile this list. Great!
    Another reso’ you have accomplished for the Year 2008, right? ^_^

    I would like to said “Thank you very much” & very appreciate for your effort. Not but least, wishing have a great New Year!

    Happy New Year 2009!!

  3. good job Steve…. and it’s my great honour to be listed. Wishing you and Icy, and family have a happy 2009…. happy new year…

  4. riqzmiecreation on December 30th, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    hi steve,,really glad to see u featured my blog here..thank very much for your kindness..see daa..i will post yur link also..

  5. Muchas Gracias to Steve for featuring my blog in your blog. Appreciate your kind effort. Hope you have a great new year!

  6. Hello Steve, thank you for featuring my Deviantart site on your blog. :)

  7. @Mei: The Seahorse pendant is really amazing!!! Bravo Mei!!

    @Eva, Joan, Riqzmiecreation, Alxkate & Megan: You are welcome… Happy New Year to you all too~!! :)

  8. I am looking for beading class in Kl. Any reccomendation?

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