New Products Updated: Coiling Tool, Full Flush Cutter, End Cutter & Crimping Tool

April 19th, 2009 in New Products Update | 2 Comments


1) Coiling Tool

I have claimed back the tools from custom on last tuesday. For coiling tools that contains U bracket & Cranking Rod, it was really a big joke that my supplier sent us the U bracket alone, without any Cranking Rod. What a great disappointment because they had delayed the shipment for nearly a month, but again had forgotten to include the rod.

Finally, I got them today! So many beaders have been asking for it, and here you go….


It has been quite sometime we didn’t announce any coupon code. Thank you for your support to read this blog, and here is the reward for you, our readers (we don’t announce it elsewhere).

Discount Coupon: COILING-PROMO-6

Get RM6 off by keying the code in the redeem field during check out. Normal price for the tools is RM20.00 nett. Add this product to your shopping cart here: Coiling Tool

Coupon Code Valid Before 30th April 2009 and For Order Placed Online via Shopping Cart Only (you may self collect your order and pay over the counter)! No Minimum Order.

To reduce the cost of the tools, there is No box packaging, No sample wire, No instruction sheet. All you get is One Cranking Rod and One U Bracket. You may refer to the tutorial here: How To Use Coiling Tool

Instruction How To Redeem the Discount Coupon can be found at the end of this similar post:

Swarovski Beads String + Color Chart Especially Designed for Create-Your-Style Partners !

2) Full Flush Cutter

We have brought in new cutter (mainly for wirework), i.e: Full Flush Cutter, a.k.a. Flush Cutter.

What is the different between Full Flush and Semi Flush Cutter? Let’s look at the following pictures.


Full Flush Cutter & Semi Flush Cutter.

full-flush-cutter-result.jpg semi-flush-cutter-result.jpg

Left: Wire cut with Full Flush Cutter Right: Wire cut with Semi Flush Cutter

Full Flush Cutter is extremely useful when making jumprings. Jumprings cut with full flush cutter has smaller gap and it require minimum workmanship to file the end wire.

From our experience (we used not less than 15 cutters in the past few years), due to the construction of the full flush cutter, it is less durable than the semi flush cutter. Therefore I recommend you to use the full flush cutter only when working with copper wire or aluminium wire, preferably not larger than 18 Gauge wire. Use semi flush cutter on any other findings like headpin, eyepin, chain…etc.

However, always remember, NEVER use both cutter to cut memory wire (you need a shear cutter to do the job).

3) End Cutter (Semi Flush)


This is end cutter that is used to cut stronger wire, said larger than 18 Gauge and above. Again, do not use it to cut memory wire.

4) Crimping Pliers – for 2mm/3mm crimp


Double notch Crimping Pliers, for 2mm – 3mm crimp. Take note that this is Not a Micro Crimping Pliers, therefore you can’t use it to crimp 1.5mm crimp beads.

Well, I’m not going to show you how to use it at this time. You may googling around from internet, many beaders had published the instruction on their blog.

Meanwhile, we have restocked some other tools like: Semi Flush Cutter, Chase Hammer, Rubber Head Hammer, Nylon Jaw Pliers & Anvils.

Oh ya, Nylon Jaw Pliers is another Must Have great tools to work with wire.

Enjoy Beading!!

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