Price Slash Again for Stainless Steel Pliers

July 29th, 2008 in Announcements | 1 Comment


Once again, we have slashed the price for Professional Stainless Steel Pliers, i.e: Round Nose, Chain Nose (both Smooth and serrated jaws), Flat Nose and Cutting Pliers.

If you have been following us since last year, you may noticed that the original price was RM25.00 per pcs. Then somewhere in May 2008, we have our first round Price Slash for Tools which thereafter has been reduced to RM22 per pcs. Now, the price has dropped to RM20.00 each!


Image: New stock for 700 pcs of pliers (round nose, chain nose and flat nose pliers)!

We have placed a bulk order to our supplier and hence got a slightly better price as compared to last year’s price. We would like to transfer the savings to beaders like you. However, no price slash for other tools like metal block, nylon jaws pliers, chase hammer..etc because we have only brought in the 3 most essential pliers in bulk.

Another good news is, we have introduced a new category called: Special Promotions. The products which sold under this category are greatly reduced price due to either Overstocked, Closeout or simply a Sales Carnival. Oh ya, please take note of the Terms and Conditions especially the first one: (1) Only valid for order placed ONLINE and to be shipped out via courier service (not valid for the followings: walk-in, self-collect after placing order online).

Please….please….please x 1000…… don’t throw me the question “WHY ah?” alright? I would like to apologise in advance for not answering this question in future.

Alright, hope you like the price slash. Stay tuned!

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