Santa Claus is Coming To Town ~ Christmas Gifts Swap

December 22nd, 2009 in Uncategorized | 6 Comments


Yeah! I have received the Christmas Gifts from 2 other crafters, Joan & Half Lemon. The Christmas Gift Swap was organized by Agnes fom Dreamland Station. If not mistaken, I’m the only guy in this game…wakakaka!

santa-coming-to-town-2.jpg Haha, this Joan always spell our website wrongly.


Look!! A very nice Christmas Tree Crystallized with Swarovski Bicones!

The Stocking is also handmade by Joan. Oops… I have forgotten to take the picture of the Christmas Card.


The Christmas Tree has became one of the members of My Crystal Land.

Thank you very much Joan! :)

Let’s see what I have got from Half Lemon…


A handmade Christmas card, quite a big size!


A Santa stocking made with felt.


And also a cellphone strap with Christmas Theme Figurines made with…er…if not mistaken, resin clay?

Thanks a lot to Half Lemon! : ) You must be putting lots of effort in making those stuffs for me!


Surprisingly, I also received a Christmas Card handmade by Agnes!


Thank Agnes for your card and organizing the swap game!

I have lots of Christmas Gifts this year~~~~!!! HOhohohohHOhohoh~~~!!

Wish You All Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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6 Responses to “Santa Claus is Coming To Town ~ Christmas Gifts Swap”

  1. it’s my great honour that the tree was part of your Crystal Land…….

  2. hey…y u show ur reader what i wrote in the card wo…paiseh le…:p show my nice wording…wakakaaaaaaa

  3. write ppl’s name wrongly still consider nice wording ahh…. ahaha…. oppsssss….. i spell worngly also…

  4. both Agnes n Joan did a great job!!!wondering how Joan make the tree??? wrong meh????>.<"

  5. @Joan: Very nice Christmas Tree! :)

    @Agnes: Wakakaka, really beh paiseh~~!! :P But then, really nice chinese handwriting…Very Artistic!

    @Aquarius: Correct -> ; Wrong –> (one Mat Salleh’s website)

    Ya lor~~ How you did it, joan? Using Resin clay as the body?

  6. 1. use aluminuim wire to form the stand
    2. use resin clay to make the tree and paint with acrylic color
    3. place eye pin on the tree before the clay dried
    4. hang crystal on the sys pin.

    done~~~ the clay was air dried after put there for about 1 week.

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