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In most cases, we ship out your goods using SKYNET. Only for some rural places where skynet is inefficient, we use Pos Laju.

We have a corporate account with SKYNET that the company will send a staff to collect our goods daily (except wednesday) between 4pm-6pm. The staff named Ibrahim is a responsible and professional person. He had never failed to collect our parcel even in heavy rain! Sometime, i really felt sorry to him!

We will provide you the tracking code between 7-8pm via email. Sorry, NO sms please! The tracking code looks like this:

201 xxx xxx xxx

The efficiency of SKYNET service varies from branch to branch, one dispatch guy to another. Generally, we are still happy with their service. In most major cities, you may receive your goods in next working day. If you don’t receive your goods (if you are sure there is somebody at home/office) in next working day, call them and provide your tracking code. You may also check online at

One thing that i don’t like SKYNET is they don’t have a General Phone Line for you to call up and track your parcel. For instant, if you are located in Kuantan, you have to call the Skynet branch in kuantan. If you have accidentally rang to their headquarter in PJ (which many people did by refering to their homepage), they will ask you to call kuantan branch number. Opps sorry, i should say they do have a General Phone Line but INCAPABLE of tracking your parcel instantly.


Below are the skynet branch phone numbers that you should save into your phone:

Click to enlarge.

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  3. i want to know thanlin sky net agency ph no

  4. perkhidmatan di kuantan terlalu lambat…4 5 hari pos tak sampai-sampai lagi..apa kenama satu hari..bayar mahal-mahal untuk servis macam ni..kena tunggu ada 2 3 surat baru nak masuk gambang…
    ni ke servis dari skynet…dah ramai yg kena di gambang ni

  5. Hi..i just call SKYNET,Kuantan branch…the operator is not professional,rude some more.Im just want to check my parcel, how come she treat me like trash.Lucky i didnt get her name if not surely i will mention here..Pls look in this for your better service to customer.


  6. Anthony Alphonse on March 22nd, 2012 at 9:05 am

    To whom it may concern!

    An attempted delivery to my home was made on on Tuesday 20/03/12 @3.10pm 56 Lingkaran, Meru Valley 1A, Meru Valley Golf and Country Club Jelapang 30020 Ipoh Perak. I called the contact number and re-arranged the delivery to be made yesterday at 2.30pm however I sat at home awaiting this delvery which never happened??? I called this morning 052430476 and the message was that this number provided for Ipoh on your Website is not recognised? The consignment number is STN/LM/557765. I look forward to your response asap. Thank Anthony Alphonse.

  7. didn’t receive the parcel from penang skynet.

    We want to mention that we are waiting for the parcel for many days but still haven’t receive the T-Shirt parcel( Ref : 201653523934). We have a CHARITY WORK on this Sunday (1/7/12), it’s very urgent for us.

    We had call many skynet branches but didn’t get any reply also get inform that the telephone line was cut.

    Kindly reply us as soon as possible.

  8. Why i call so many time to your branch kepong, didn’t get anybody to receive ur call??? Or just hang up???? WHY?????

  9. Tukarlah ke syarikat Kurier yang lebih baik perkhidmatannya.Banyak syarikat-syarikat lain yang dapat memuaskan hati pelanggan mereka.Ada juga pekerja SkyNet (tugas dia mengambil barang dari pejabat, sikap kepala angin )melenting tak tentu pasal bila dtg ofis ambil barang.Kita bayar harga mahal untuk perkidmatan yang baik.Fikir2kan lah.

  10. THE CHECKING NUMBER IS 201673714572, PLS CHECKING THIS ORDER, REPLY ME ASAP, OR CALL ME 012 2033684, 03 6277 8777.



  11. skynet is bullshit..better u close ur campony..make ppl suffering 4 waiting their parcel.

  12. Saya ada menggunakkan perkhidmatan SKYNET untuk menghantar barang kepada kawan saya. Tetapi sampai hari ini barang itu masih belum diterima.
    Pos date : 20.02.2013 hari ini telah 26.02.2013..
    Itu rekod telah kembali ke GURUN iaitu tempat saya Pos. Sepatutnya barang itu telah dikembalikan kepada saya..

    Tapi sampai hari ini masih belum terima. Dan No contct untuk cawangan gurun seperti dalam Yellow Pages tidak boleh dihubungi kerana masuk talian faks.


  13. HUSSEIN ABD. (IMAH) on March 26th, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Put declared value without ask sender.

    I have sent 2 packages to indonesia and I forget to declare the value of goods sent, the sender is a way to call and pay cash, (ref: 201662932316) but the clever-clever skynet has put nilar item without contacting me. prices are transmitted only RM250 only for two parcels, but the skynet has put the value of RM614.80 box packaging. to hold by the customs in Indonesia. to this day the taxes and fees warehouse has reached USD200. not right because my skynet error I want to pay all the values ??imposed by customs indonesia.

  14. worst service i ever meet,kluang centre,more than 5 days already i have not received my parcel,come on ,we paid for proffeessional service,

  15. My Tracking Number is 201455099716 is about a month i have not receive it, can please help to check, thanks

  16. Memang service lembab mcm siput babi…

  17. What you said yesterday that the delivery point in kajang, and why I have not received it today?
    my tracking num 88804811896
    pls call me 0162971841

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