Skynet Vs Pos Laju: Which Service is Better?

September 6th, 2008 in General | 73 Comments



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Update: 13th Oct 2011
The following content/information may no longer accurate. Please refer to visitor’s comment for feedback about Skynet and Pos Laju.

In our latest opinion (13th Oct 2011), SKYNET is The Worst Courier Service We Had Ever Encountered~~!!!!

Some of you might have noticed that we were using Pos Laju service rather than Skynet for the pass 1 week. Why?

First reason: We did receive complaints from clients regarding poor Skynet delivery service. Some customers had feedback to us that Pos Laju is more reliable.

Second reason: Skynet had increased the Fuel Surcharge from 15% to 25% since July 2008. In this case, Pos Laju’s delivery charges is cheaper than Skynet for less heavy parcels (less than 500 grams) in Local Town Delivery (within KL). Within Peninsular Malaysia, skynet service is no longer cheaper. Price is similar as Pos Laju in most cases.

Third reason: Skynet had implemented surcharge of a Whooping Sucking Blood RM60 for delivery to Free Industrial Zone since 1st Aug 2008.

Based on the observations from the past 1 week, here are the comparisons between Pos Laju and Skynet (KL Branch).




Call for Pick up Request Excellent! Reference number given upon call for pickup. Not good! No reference number given.
Cut off time for Pick Up Request Excellent! 5pm during weekday.Good! 4pm during Eve of Public Holiday & Puasa Not good! 3pm during weekday.Not good! 2pm during Puasa.
Pick Up Service from posman (1) Uncle Inbrahim, age 45-50 (Documents & Small Parcels)Excellent! Never failed for the past 1 yearSuperb Service! Even if i had missed to call for pickup, i can still call Uncle Ibrahim(2) En. Unknown Name, age 30-35 (Parcels)Excellent! Never failed for the past 1 year En. Mat, age 25-30.Poor! Failed to come once for the past 1 week (my 3rd pick up request).Reason: Mat was on leave, the other posman who was replacing him that day cannot find our shop location. Therefore he didn’t come and collect our parcels. WHAT A LAME EXCUSES, HUH ??
Vehicle used by posman (1) Uncle Ibrahim: using Motorbike.No proper storage device to lock customers’ documents & parcels. Potential threats of documents & parcels being stolen during the interval he used to collect parcels from client. (so far, no missing parcels for’s customers)(2) using Van for Large parcels: Secure Van: Secure
Delivery Service To Major Cities 1 day. Occasionally delayed. 1 day. Occasionally delayed.
Delivery Service To Small Towns 2-3 days, slow. Not familiar with customer’s area.Surcharges apply, expensive! Relatively faster than Skynet. Familiar with customer’s area.Great! No Surcharge.
If 1st Delivery Attempt Failed Not Good: No proof of Delivery Attempt left on doorstep. Good: Posman will leave a note to inform you to call for re-attempt delivery service or self-collect at pos office.
Customer Service Centre Not Good: Not Centralized. If you call the HQ, they will ask you to call their branch in charged.Click here for Skynet branches Contact Number. Good: One easy phone number to remember, i.e: 1-300-300-300
Online Tracking Delayed. Not real time! (note: DHL/Fedex has almost real time tracking capability) Delayed. Not real time! (note: DHL/Fedex has almost real time tracking capability)
Delivery Charges (Major Towns):(1) Parcels less than 500 grams:(2) Parcels @750 grams:(3) Parcels 1 Kg & above: (1) Same (RM5.20 – W.M.)(2) Similar as Pos Laju (RM 6.5 – W.M)(3) Cheaper (Flat rate @ RM 6.50 up to 3 Kgs – W.M) (1) Same (RM5.20 – W.M.)(2) Similar as Skynet (RM6.3 – W.M)(3) More expensive (RM7.50 and above, addtional charges for every 250 grams)
Delivery Charges (Small Towns): Surcharge of RM10 and above. Good! No surcharge.
Delivery Charges (FREE INDUSTRIAL ZONE): SUCKING BLOOD! Surcharge of a whooping RM 60 ! Good! No surcharge.
Liability Clause Max. RM 100. Customers are advised to purchase insurance for goods value more than RM100 and above. Max. RM 100. Customers are advised to purchase insurance for goods value more than RM100 and above.
Missing Parcels? Never. Never.
Damaged goods? Yes, rarely. Never.
Deliver to wrong address? Yes, once. Never.
Packaging Quality (Flyers) More durable. Less durable.
Info required to fill in Airway Bills Less, save time. More, wasting our time.
Request for Replacement Packaging Fast! 2 working days. Slow! 1 week gone not yet arrive!
Handling Complaints from by general staffs. Pass you to Holland! Promised to ask their superior to call back but never. Pass you to Holland! Promised to ask their superior to call back but never.
Handling Complaints from by Marketing Executive Act fast by Mr. Pang Act fast by En. Asrul
Customers complaint to us about their service Yes, It happened every month. However, still relatively small percentage in overall (1 or 2 cases per month).Complaints such as:(1) Customer was at home but skynet claimed that nobody there. Did they actually drop by?(2) Having difficulties to find customer’s home. One complaint for the past 1 week.
Handling Complaints from’s customers You try and let me know… You try and let me know…

What is the conclusion then? THERE IS NO CONCLUSION for the time being!!! It’s unfair to make a comparison and conclusion by comparing Skynet and Pos Laju now. I shall update this comparison chart after 3 months. Besides all the complaints received from customers, i would like to tell you a Very Important Fact that We also received Much Much MORE Complements (than complaints) about their On-Time delivery service (both Skynet and Pos Laju). Thanks Skynet and Pos Laju for offering a competitive rate for their delivery service! If you have any complaint about skynet and pos laju, let us hear from you! Leave your comment below and please participate in the voting, Thanks!

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73 Responses to “Skynet Vs Pos Laju: Which Service is Better?”

  1. Both services are not bad~and Skynet DOES leave a note at my doorstep when I’m not in :) and there were also occurrences where both Skynet’s and also Pos Laju’s delivery guy called me up and sent my stuff to my uni for me coz I was not at home! *touched*

    and oh, calling that 1300 number of Pos Malaysia is really expensive! T_T Never called up Skynet before though~

    I’m not sure about other areas but Skynet seems to deliver stuff to my area earlier compared to Pos Laju :D

  2. @Min: Oh ya, seems like leaving a note at doorstep is not a standard operating procedure? Some did, some didn’t?

    I don’t know calling 1300 is expensive. How much does it cost, roughly? R u using prepaid / postpaid? What line?

    Thanks for your feedback ya…

  3. Oh icic~probably…I think it’s rather important to at least let people know that they’ve been there…

    for Skynet, there was once when I missed my parcel and after calling them up, the delivery man happen to be around somewhere near and he delivered the stuff again on the same day :D For Pos laju, they’ll put the second delivery to the next day.

    I did hear from others that sometimes the Pos Laju guy will just leave the note in the mailbox (hoping that the recipient will go collect his/her stuff at the p.o. I guess) without going up to condos or flats~However, I’ve been receiving stuff from Pos Laju for the past half year or so and they do bring the stuff up to my condo… or maybe it’s because there’s an elevator so it doesn’t really trouble them? ahahaha XD

    Err…errr… about the call~I only know I waste a lot of time pressing this extension and that every time~Regarding the call charges, I’ll let you know the next time I call yea? hehe

    No prob with the feedback ;) Hoping that the rest would contribute also so that there would be a fairer view.

    Here are some links to forums discussing about their service:

  4. i hate pos laju!they never call us in case we’re not at home so they juz leave a note asking us to come to post office to collect by ourselves! so lame! i always use skynet because of this reason. plus, didnt they (pos laju) think that why do we use pos laju? because we want the parcel to reach the receipient on time/very fast! right??then what the hell with giving a note in my post box n what if i’m away from home for days?? what if it’s raining?what happened to the notes? dat makes me hatessss Pos Laju so much!

  5. I don’t like Pos Laju too! Prefer Skynet!

  6. i dun like skynet…it always claimed that nobody at home when i was sittin and waitin the mail from morning to evening…and then when i call up skynet and ask how come no ppl coz i’m at home the whole day,then they will say la o the new delivery guy duno the way and cant find ur hse…pls,if cant find my hse cant call me izit?must state no ppl at the hse and blame me?and they like to jus stuck the parcel into the mailbox without callin the receipient to sign and received.and sometimes the goods inside the parcel spoiled coz they stuck inside the mailbox…skynet boleh…!

  7. @wenice: I’m agree with you, this is the most common excuses used by Skynet dispatch guy if they failed. I have raised numerous similar complaint to Skynet head office in the past 2 years regarding this excuse and tell them which branch did not perform. If this happened to you, just call up the branch and talk to the branch manager!

  8. just happened to me.
    1) delivered via pos laju today, customer confirm will received by the next day.

    2) skynet – Thursday: sent out small parcell to Batu Pahat collected by Skynet at my office, Nilai – Friday 10am: i checked on their tracking website, already at their Batu Pahat branch on Friday 7.40am – Monday 12pm: i checked with customer, still not reaching his hand – Monday 2pm: customer does own collection at Batu Pahat branch, parcel was put down under the counter, reason: nobody can deliveredddd???????? -

  9. Hey everybody! There is no 100% when talk about services as it handle by human not machine.
    If really want a good service then go for Branded one lah like Fedex, DHL..
    Pay RM5.00 what do you expect.. cheh

  10. @snowice: Fully agreed with you! :) Need better service, go for DHL/FEDEX at higher price.

    Machine also cannot be 100% trusted, especially the Cash Deposit and ATM.

  11. skynet and poslaju are same…not to good..the more better..i use Nation Wide. They have a very2 good services..

  12. Skynet is terrible.
    First i had two experience which i ordered item from
    My item delivery was a few days late.I use their tracking system and found my item was already at Butterworth two days ago.
    They never call their customer even my phone no was written clearly on the packages.
    I had to call them and found that they cannot find my location address.

  13. it just happened just now. i was at home and waiting for poslaju parcel,but yet i receive the sorry notice! it’s so stupid! i din’t heard anyone calling!
    and i prefer skynet very much,last time i dint receive the parcel and the pos people called me up.after he knew i wasn’t home,he sent the parcel to my workplace.
    poslaju shit! today is 2nd deliver which i received the 1st sorry note yesterday and asked for 2nd deliver. but still, i missed the parcel even i am home!
    i am thinking is it the pos people do it purposely!

  14. i prefer on Poslaju, bcoz my experience in skynet is very bad, i lost 2 items withe this provider, and latest, yesterday another item has been out of delivery, even there is no delivery made. i’m not staying in outreach area if the reason that they can’t find my address. or else, their workers too lazy to send that item , and declared it out of deleivery.. and as usual, when i call their Cust Serv, nobody will pick up the phone. so, please think twice to use their service.

  15. Both are good. But the most problems is deliveryman. I am facing lots of problem with the deliveryman. Not just with the two company. Skynet give faster service. But in some remote areas, Poslaju is better.

  16. why don’t u try Gdex?juss call then the delivery man come to pick up ur thing.not too expensive at all.

  17. Abu Asan bin Abdul Hamid on May 18th, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Hello management, i hope u could give me the answer as quick as possible…

    A friend of mine in Uk just sent me something via skynet…Then the skynet sent me an email telling that my parcel is already arrived and now it is in KL..i dont know what it is..but before i can have the parcel, the management told me i have to pay the amount of RM6,000.oo first, for the arrangement of the delivery….why so expensive? Is that true..Does Skynet charge for the delivery…i am scarred of scammers trying to take advantage…please help me…thank you

  18. @Abu Asan: First, we are not the spokesman of Skynet, nor we are the dealer of skynet. We only use their pick up service.

    Please contact skynet directly and Not the person who send you email.

    However, this is obviously a Scammer.

  19. i kind of prefer poslaju to skynet. but that also depends on the delivery person. over at my place the delivery man who comes in the van isn’t really friendly. i work night shifts sometimes and i think he got tired of ringing the door bell and not getting an answer during the day that he’s just resorted to leaving the note without honking or ringing the door bell anymore.

    the other guy who comes on a bike, he’s nicer and he’ll at least call me to make sure i’m at home and is willing to wait for me to open the door.

    skynet leaves a notice also when 1st delivery attempt fails. but it’s a super thin piece of paper that is easily ruined or lost.

  20. PosLaju still better for overall. Three times we are buying from, three times we are facing delivery problem by skynet Bkt Tinggi Klang. Normal Pos Malaysia parcel more faster than skynet delivery.

  21. I feel that skynet service is very bad. I have two bad impression to them. My urgent parcel is reach skynet branch for 4 days also can’t send to me. I have call & follow up with them but nobody can answer my question office staff & driver pass the buck to each other. Finally i can’t wait & call for pick up myself, but they told me the parcel is with the driver. Another story is the parcel for my company. Our company rule is reception can’t chopsign receive for parcel. When inform skynet driver send to the receiving side, he reject ask us to feedback sender to change other courier service. The courier service should provide the fast & good service to the customer. Why not choose normal pos maybe will faster that skynet.

  22. looks like Pos Laju is better if your house is in remote area since their postman more familiar with the area.

    conclusion: choose your service wisely.

  23. My experience:

    SkyNet – broke my goods even with Fragile sticker on. Call them – passed me around (They are not keen on hearing complaints). Otherwise good.

    Poslaju – more reliable if you want to send goods to Sabah/Sarawak. Cheaper. And they seem to be getting better…

    Kangaroo – takes 1 week to send parcel from Puchong to Bangi (about 20km distance). That was my one and only experience with them. Never again!!

    Citylink – don’t use this if you want to send goods to Sabah/Sarawak AND Penang. Very poor service. Experienced 1 customer got her stuff only after 2 weeks (Sabah). Other area OK.

  24. Skynet so far so good as they mostly deliver in the morning and never call me to ask for my location as they able to find my house.

    Kangaroo very worse, they always unable to find my house even they just nearby the area, call me i try to guide them but they keep say can’t find and spoke some rude word!

  25. After numerous times deliver ,today i got a call from skynet asking me for direction to my address, oh my god,and the service lady {as a local}don even have a goddamn idea where the hell i live…..and she not even been patience!!Trust me don’t use sky net

  26. Pos Laju Kangar Perlis Sucks !!!

    same like other, I wait for my parcel the whole day, and suddenly, they said no one at home to deliver the parcel!! SKYNET WORST than other service provider!

  28. Dear ALL,

    All company have a bad and worse sector and also have a good side. As per MCMC survey made on earlier this year Skynet get no.2 position from 10 top company. We also not exposed by MCMC witch company are No.1, but We are still upgrade our service day to day operation. Our weekness on klang valley delivery is our “deliveryman”. With the good pay also no many wan to work seriusly like Uncle Ibrahim. Pay for 1 deliveryman at Klang Valley is up to RM1800 – RM2000 a month BUT still no good comitment given by them. For all those satisfy with our service before We thanks you very much by using use. For those not thinks our service at the par of satifaction we hope we can take your complaint here to keep upgrading our service in future.

  29. skynet bodoh !!!

  30. K.K
    What “BODOH” that you mean?? In this line of industry, everyday got complaint it normal.. If everyday quiet is not normal.. from daily operation 62k shipment got 100 complain is a normal.. we can’t satisfy everybody.. they got on tought on everything.. most of the shipment up to 98% ok.. only 2% not OK is very OK.. still many company out there is still strugling on the delivery.. If SKYNET so bodoh why we still have 100m sale a year.. if you still wan to compare us with anybody pls send to more “kampung” area then we see who more stupid..

  31. Although not really agree with KK’s comment to use the word “bodoh”, we don’t want to delete any visitor’s comment.

    However, we also Do Not agree with Skynet’s statistic that Only 2% is not OK. As a customer of Skynet, we have Much Higher complaint rate. Another fact which we felt Skynet is very bad, i.e: whenever failed to deliver their parcel, Skynet will put the following note:

    Delivery has been attempted, the consignee was not present / company closed. Delivery will be re-attempted”

    There were so many occasion that the consignee was indeed at home. There was No Sorry Note left, how can you proof that your guys did go and send the parcels?

    Skynet hit so much of sale is because your rate is cheaper for heavier goods, not because of your service. OK fine, if price is low then we have to accept that fact that low price = low delivery service, then tell me, can you give better delivery/tracking service if charge at higher price?

    FYI, we have stopped using SKYNET service as default service provider today and switch to Pos Laju. From today’s onward we will use Pos Laju service by default. Skynet will only be used when it is requested by customers.

    Good luck Skynet!

  32. i am working at skynet..skynet better than other because we fast and attendant of skynet van driver and i have 50 or 60 parcel 1 day..and we done send all parcel at 1 or 2 pm..its prove we fast and reliable..and office clerk call we for any pickup.. i dont know about despatch maybe they all not good do job.. because they all no have box at motorcycle…

    and about delivery problem?
    dont blame a skynet worker because sometime i got a parcel with wrong address and not complete address..
    and then we have to postpone you parcel for get a new address..

    away from blaming employees..

  33. Michael K H Chan on August 27th, 2011 at 11:48 am

    SKYNET suck services. In the tracking mention left message, did not do so. Even we provide mobile no, can they just call.

    Make arrangement to delivered on saturday. Till evening no sign of them.

    Really suck service.

  34. Skynet Better LOL..

  35. Dear Skynet Shah Alam,

    Your Service Suck!!!

    What is the point to have a contact number but no one pick up????????????????????????????????????

    Do you know how many time our customer have call but no one pick up? Likewise we also make a call a moment ago but still no pick up phone?????

    See what our customer said today:
    “I would like to inform you that I have yet to receive my order of beads and I’m quite shock and very disappointed with your level of service that it takes your company a week or more for just a local order?! For your information, I have even made purchases online from the U.S and it takes them only 5 days for my purchases to arrive. I need the beads urgently in order to fulfill my customers requests. But it looks like that I will have to disappoint my customers! I have tried many, many times to reach skynet, to track my order but nobody even answers the call!!! You may want to consider another courier company in future. What is taking so long? Could you please followed up with the courier company?”

    – picked up on 5th Oct
    - 6th Oct – your website shown Delivery in the morning but never come – no call no sorry note no reason
    - 7th Oct – your website shown Delivery in the morning 9:46am but never come – give excuses of DELAY DUE TO BAD WEATHER at 10:56am. What are you guys doing from 11am until 6pm? Is it Bad Weather then you all Minum Kopi in the office????????
    - 8th Oct – HELD IN BRANCH. Shipment delayed. Please contact your local courier office – what’s the nonsense excuses again this time???

    I doubt that you can deliver the parcel on Monday, 10th Oct!!! Even if you can, it will be 5 days to send from KL to Shah Alam…..5 Days!!!!!!!!!!

    We did our part, but because of your company we get Bad Service, Anger, Frustration, Disappointment feedback from our customer.

    It has been N time I raised complaint and give feedback to Skynet about your service. 4 years has passed and nothing has changed.

    Today I have called your skynet branch in Batu Cave and ceased daily pick up service with immediate effect.

    We will go full force to Promote your Suck Service!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Made calls to Skynet customer service and when i finally got thru, I was told that my parcel wd arrive before 6pm, 23/9/2011. I put all my appointments on hold to receive it. But it didn’t arrive. Yr adverts talk about fast and reliable…however Skynet hardly meet any standards! SKynet services on handling telephone calls and focusing on customers satisfaction-ZERO!

  37. Actually I did received bad service from skynet while waiting for my order from :( Received the info from that my things already shipped out. But I wait for 1 week n received nothing. I try call the skynet and they said already reached my area’s skynet office. Then I tried call my local Skynet Office regarding my things, they said the things is here for few days already but due to no postman / delivery man provided, so had delay for the delivery!And they ask me to go there picked up by myself..What I furious was why they didn’t inform me regarding the delay and the things already deliver and put there in their office just like that.

  38. so far i never had problem with Pos Laju. from my experience, it take 2-4days for my parcell to arrive from KL to sabah, depend on what day the parcell was posted. the postman also have never had trouble finding my address, the postman sometime even call me to ask if i was at home to receive the parcell

  39. So far parcels that i received from Skynet was on-time. The delivery man very friendly. There was once i was not at home, i called up to the customer service, and they re-sent my parcel to my office at the same day.

    I always placed order last last min, cos i know it will only take 1 day delivery if using Skynet. No trust at all by using Pos Laju. I hope my order today can reach me by tomorrow (finger-crossed)…

  40. Dear ALL,

    As I said before, in this line of business, we are dealing with the human. NOT ALL perfact, some are to good but some of them are poor in term of service. I manage/own one of the station, Kuala Selangor (KSL) and no problem happen like you all say here. Some of you also mention about our relibility, also some frustating. Now day we are so hard to find a very serius employee, most of them come in and out like biscuit, now you see now you done. This business also not so profitable business (servicing sector), not many incentive given. Very hard to set the bottom line of wadges. Zahrul are one from our serius employee.
    Everybody asking for the best rate (read as cheaper) BUT expecting for the 5 star service. I’m doing this almost 9 years now. BUT if anybody have a problem in Kuala Selangor pls find me at my office.

  41. Recommeneded websites…

    [...]Here are some of the sites we recommend for our visitors[...]……

  42. Dear Adib,

    Customer didn’t want to hear excuses such as “NOT ALL PERFECT” but atleast an apology on behalf of your company bad service standard (in some area) is a wise thing to do. Take all complaint seriously to provide a better service in future and stop giving lame excuses. Cheap rate doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a good service. Period.

  43. hi,

    i often received parcel via pos laju. posted today, the very next day the parcel reach me at home. if i’m not home, like usual, the posman will leave a notice at my mailbox. but nvr had any experience with skynet yet so far.

    i read several comments here, i think sometimes the service quality may varies depends on area/location. some branches at some areas are very gud at maintaining their gud quality service but some areas are vice versa. juz my 2 cents :)

  44. Status: Delivered
    Delivery Date: 05 Nov 11
    Signature: View POD Image
    Tracking Progress:
    Date Time Location Activity
    05 Nov 11 KLUANG (KLG) Delivered
    05 Nov 11 9:33 am KLUANG (KLG) Out for Delivery
    02 Nov 11 8:17 am KLUANG (KLG) Arrived KLG
    02 Nov 11 1:55 am (HUB) Scheduled for Departure
    02 Nov 11 1:55 am (HUB) Scheduled for Departure
    02 Nov 11 1:44 am (HUB) Arrived HUB
    01 Nov 11 11:18 pm (HUB) Linehaul to KLG
    01 Nov 11 8:18 pm SUNGAI PETANI (SPT) Linehaul to HUB
    01 Nov 11 8:17 pm SUNGAI PETANI (SPT) Scheduled for Departure
    01 Nov 11 7:45 pm SUNGAI PETANI (SPT) Scheduled for Departure
    01 Nov 11 4:36 pm GURUN (GRN) Collection

    Shipment Problem 1
    Date: 02 Nov 11 12:18 pm
    Problem Code: PC028
    Created By: KLG
    Comments: HELD IN BRANCH
    Shipment delayed. Please contact your local courier office
    Shipment Problem 2
    Date: 03 Nov 11 12:28 pm
    Problem Code: PC028
    Created By: KLG
    Comments: HELD IN BRANCH
    Shipment delayed. Please contact your local courier office

    My own experience with SKYNET. A girl only call me up on the 4th day claiming that they cannot find my place. I was so shock because that was so unacceptable since my place is only around 10 minutes journey from their office and even assist them on how to go from their office to my house. She promise me my parcel will be send in the afternoon but never show up. The next day got another call from a guy asking me the same question. Again, i assist them and within minutes he was already at my door. Best service ever…Not.

  45. SKYNET is the worst courier service i had ever used,
    a parcel that are being sent out from penang to cheras,
    took freaking two weeks, and SENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS!!!
    i have no idea how to get back the parcel and obviously my phone call is being ignored.

  46. we are doing online business and sending goods via pos is our daily business. We have been with skynet and we switched to poslaju.
    Reason being, poslaju is more efficient and we can tell the customer the exact date of arrival. Upon confirming the date at the counter, we can send tracking no including arrival date to customer.. so far, 100% of the dates given are valid. Skynet, you cannot guarantee their punctuality unless you are sending goods to prime areas.

    only my 2cents experience..

  47. i want express price on malaysia !pls send to my mail!thk ! my produck weit is 4KG about 6kg each! i want to culculater !

  48. GDEX WORST SERVICE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gdex can award the worst service ever!!!!!!! Never see this bad service!!!!!!!!!

    DONT TRUST GDEX!!!!!!!! WORST!!! BAD!!!

  49. I think all these services whether they are good or bad, it depends on which area you’re staying. For me, there is no problem for both services. Both are the same and provide good services.

    But in overall, I prefer Skynet as Skynet provides packaging that helps me a lot as I would not need to do the packaging myself and the price is reasonable. Pos laju is slightly more expensive.

  50. I will not using SKYNET service anymore ! every time people sent item to me they did not come over here and they say the client not at home ??

    i will prefer poslaju over skynet

    SKYNET is the worst service service i have ever encountered

    My place is at subang jaya and thier HQ is at my same place but i cant believe that skynet lie to me that they have send the item to me but i am not at home ! where the hq to my house just 15 minute journey !

  51. Same problem with the same company. Till today haven’t receive my parcel yet from JB. Thanks…

  52. Michael K H Chan on March 7th, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Both the service is equally bad, but Poslaju do leave a note for you.

    The other day send a letter from 1-Utama Pos office on Wednesday (10:00am) to Klang, the letter only arrived on next Wednesday. They charge me RM6.00 for the letter and take years to arrived.

    They should change their name to Pos Siput.

  53. A Honest citizen on March 21st, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Adib on August 9th, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    What “BODOH” that you mean?? In this line of industry, everyday got complaint it normal.. If everyday quiet is not normal.. from daily operation 62k shipment got 100 complain is a normal.. we can’t satisfy everybody.. they got on tought on everything.. most of the shipment up to 98% ok.. only 2% not OK is very OK.. still many company out there is still strugling on the delivery.. If SKYNET so bodoh why we still have 100m sale a year.. if you still wan to compare us with anybody pls send to more “kampung” area then we see who more stupid..

    Patutla Malaysia all 1/2 filled country.Even Malaysians working always think like that “only 2% not OK is very OK”, you should say, if 98% OK, what happened to the 2%? Make it 100% or at least 99.9%, if a company CEO speaks like that, i think the company will have lots holes of fills to fill. from 98& become 85% and in the end 50%. Laughing stock with this kind of mentality. You seem to be a liability to a company who strives for excellence.

  54. skynet = worst courier service in mlaysia!

    i had a few very bad experience with skynet!

    i can said that, skynet never deliver my parcel to my home, everytime i must go collect myself!

    let me share my experience here from which special cases that i remember,

    skynet switched my parcel with other. they didn”t deliver my parcel to my house, they dun even leave me a note, so i need to collect from the office, but once i open my parcel, the item inside is not mine! so i have to run to the office again, they check for a very long time, luckily another customer drop by saying that he got the wrong parcel!

    2nd & 3rd time:
    skynet didn’t try to deliver my parcel to my house. i wait whole day at home, my maid at home, my grandma at home. the parcel should be delivered, but i check online after 2 days, their system stated that “my item cannot be deliver because my house empty!”, but i was in the house, then i need to collect from their office! skynet big liar!

    4th time:(occurred from thursday until today)
    i was not at home on thursday, so they left a note, ok! so i call on friday morning 9am, they picked up my call.i asked them if they are possible to deliver my item to me before 2pm, the lady that served me said “CANNOT” (i wonder why they cannot do their delivery job more flexible? isn’t this is their job?)ok, since they cannot send to me, so i told her i will go COLLECT MYSELF before their office close (she told me office closed on 6pm) i arrived their office on 5:15pm, after 20 mins they tried to find my item, they told me my parcel is not in office! MAYBE MY PARCEL GO OUT WITH THEIR DELIVERY GUY!i said what the hell! then they said they will check for me, then will call me on saturday morning. ok, i wait very patiently! saturday morning (this morning) i called them again on 9:15am, the same lady again ans my call. she said van tyre pancit, driver will be back to office by 10am,they will call me again.but when 10:05am, i not yet receive any respond, so i called them again, the lady ans very rude, and quarrel with me! quarrelquarrelquarrel, then i told them that i dun want any excuse, they must deliver my parcel before 12pm.then now wait see what they do!

  55. Both the service is quite good in certain things only.

  56. I been deliver my produk 31/mei night but until 5/jun that produk not even deliver why?

  57. SKYNET SHAH ALAM THE WORST!!! on June 6th, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Pls improve your service! happen to me once in 2010, and now still happening…

  58. Poslaju for domestic is OK..but for international totally terrible. This is my second time being fooled by Poslaju.They said my document can arrived in 3-4days to Pakistan but then it is already a week my recipient do not received the document.i have called the poslaju centre then they asked me to call international call centre, i did..but they also do not know where the document goes. They asked me to call Pakistan centre myself asking them where is the document. Is it my job to do all that? i told them that if i know this will happened, i will using DHL or other courier with no worries in mind and my recipient will get the document right away. My document cost of RM77.00 as same cost as i asked DHL in Pavilion. I was so stupid not using DHL. Poslaju..this is my last using you. i banned you from now on! Hope you can improve very soon.

  59. 1 week late!skynet suck

  60. Skynet claimed the came to my house on 22, 24, 26. Bull!! I was around on all those days. Anyway what’s the point of giving them my contact number when they don’t even try to call? Scared of losing prepaid credits? They said they turned up but I know they didn’t. There’s no note in my letter box to proof that they come over. At least Pos Laju always leave a note to show that they turn up to deliver although a phone call is preferred.

  61. SKYNET have a really bad service for shipment compared to POSLAJU. Called for dont know how many 10 times, they only picked up once. They has been delaying more than 8 days. What say you?! Skynet have an efficient service? Bullshitttttt. Customer service dont even pick up customer calls.

  62. Update for 2013!

    Let’s just say the problem that these other people are facing, is still a problem people are facing today and I am one of them.

    If Skynet’s management is too stupid to fire incompetent workers and hire more competent ones then my forecast for skynet in the coming future is, it will be branded the worst courier service in the history of Malaysia.

    Also, if you’re in the business of producing goods and services for consumers.. THE INCOMPETENCE OF YOUR WORKERS IS NOT AN EXCUSE YOU SHOULD GIVE TO THE CUSTOMER. That is your worry, your department and your fault!!

    We can understand if the excuse is reasonable enough but if you complain that your OWN WORKER DID SOMETHING WRONG?? THEN THAT IS NOT A REASONABLE EXCUSE!

    It’s the 21st century and your customer service is still in the stone age.

  63. Status: Out for Delivery
    Delivery Date:
    Tracking Progress:
    Sat, 02 Feb 13 Time Location
    Out for Delivery 11:39 am Batu Caves (CR1)
    Fri, 01 Feb 13 Time Location
    Out for Delivery 9:29 am Batu Caves (CR1)
    Arrived CR1 7:57 am Batu Caves (CR1)
    Thu, 31 Jan 13 Time Location
    Linehaul to HUB 9:48 pm Sungai Besi (CR2)
    Scheduled for Departure 9:48 pm Sungai Besi (CR2)
    Scheduled for Departure 9:46 pm Sungai Besi (CR2)
    Collection 5:53 pm Sungai Besi (CR2)

    Shipment Problem 1
    Date: 01 Feb 13 9:29 am
    Problem Code: PC028
    Created By: CR1
    Comments: HELD IN BRANCH
    Shipment delayed. Please contact your local courier office
    Shipment Problem 2
    Date: 02 Feb 13 11:39 am
    Problem Code: PC028
    Created By: CR1
    Comments: HELD IN BRANCH
    Shipment delayed. Please contact your local courier office

    Seller sent on 29/1/2013. Today is 5/2/2013. Nobody pick up the phone when try to call branch at 03-61841188 (about 9 calls from morning to evening, and that’s for today only). Call HQ, HQ ask to check with branch. And this is the THIRD time out of FOUR that I received items being deliver using Skynet that have this ‘lateness’ issue, and I got 2 maids waiting at home during those period for this particular item. And I cannot arrange for self-pickup because nobody pick-up the phone! Better check that 2% statistic claim. Or maybe you guys use the same calculation method that the current BN government use to calculate HKR and Bersih 2.0 participants ? Late is one thing but at least pick-up the phone la.

  64. skynet is bullshit..they has been delaying my parcel more than a week n their reason for my delaying parcel also a bullshit…

  65. SKYNET is Pirate company!!!
    this is 2nd times, my stuffs missing in the parcel. The parcel has been opened by someone and stuffs inside was lost…

  66. did skynet process the delivery on saturday and sunday?

  67. POSLAJU the WORST couirer service, i had experience twice continually the poslaju man dont want to come up to 3rd floor and just put a collect slip in the mail box.

    I went to the office to collect, but the item still with the posman traval around the world.

    After asked them to send 2nd time, but did not turn up, i went to the office again after 2 days to collect the item. WTF.

  68. Pos Laju sucks…the delivery person still cheat me before.
    I missed a call from them, around 10 mins later I call back, the person say need the next day only can get my stuff, they are heading to Ipoh area(I’m in Kampar, Perak). That time I was in a urgent state and yet this idxxt tell me like this. OK fine, let’s say is my fault, cause I missed the call. Later on, my friend SMS me that he saw the pos laju van stop somewhere in the housing area. Then I call the person again, he say ya, he is still in Kampar. So, why did he telling me that he is on the way to Ipoh? Isn’t it tells lies to customers? And yet he that stupid fellow still resting somewhere in the housing area. When I reach there, he was resting in the Van. Bullshit service, sometimes they didn’t even alert you when they arrive, come down and stick the card at your house and they leave, so call telling us that they are here before but no one in…You didn’t horn how are we going to know?

  69. To be honest Skynet service is really bad. My parcel was sent to the wrong address, I called them up and they say they will call me back later till now no one call me. I don’t even know where is my parcel now and it’s receive by someone I don’t know. How can skynet mistaken send to wrong address? By that time I receive back my parcel, everything is already unwrap by the person who signed my parcel before me. ZZ. Not to forget, when I call skynet to ask about my parcel, their way of speaking is really bad. They answer you like they don’t care or what, did your grandmother taught you to speak that way? Skynet got to really improve in every aspects, compared to Poslaju, skynet really sucks!

  70. So far i have no problem with Poslaju or Skynet. Both delivered my items successfully. Maybe can try Ta-Q-Bin. I have a good experience with them. I shop online and one of the seller is using Ta-q-bin courier service. What surprise me that the customer service will call you in the morning before they go out for delivery. Checking on customer if they are around. If they’re not, then they will ask what time you will be around.And they delivered as promised. Once Ta-q-bin cant send my parcel on time (next day delivery), they quickly call and informed me that they are unable to send to me due to so and so reasons which is acceptable to me and they reschedule back the delivery as we agreed. How wonderful is that?

  71. Guys, i found another bad services of PosLaju. Their staff don’t know how to press the bell or is all the while PosLaju practice?? To PosLaju CEO, please train your staff to be a professional and press bell. I had been waiting for the whole morning but end up a letter of “Sorry we are unable to…” at my gate during i’m want to go out for lunch. Such a bad services!! This is how someone been dominated the market and will not growth due to comfort zone or no competition.

  72. BAD ATTITUDE!! LAZY STAFF!! The SKYNET staff called me yesterday, to collect my parcel as they will deliver it by tomorrow morning before 1pm which is today. When I asked him whether he can call me upon arrived, he said that calling customer is not in included in their service. Is that really not included? OK, I was waiting for the whole morning. Then I contacted skynet, the way they answered me is really stupid!! They said TOMORROW is PUBLIC HOLIDAY SO NOBODY IS WORKING TODAY. (If you are not providing delivery service before public holiday, then why you still asked me to collect it the next day?) They don’t know at least give me a call to inform me for the delay. The most terrible thing is the staff asked me to COME AND COLLECT BY MYSELF if I need it urgently! (So now it become my job to call you up when my parcel did not sent to me and go to your branch to collect is it?)
    Lastly, Skynet has the worst service among those courier companies…

  73. So far, i haven’t encountered any problems with Poslaju service. All my goods were delivered ontime, sometimes even earlier than the stated delivery date. But for skynet, damn. All excuses. I ordered online last Aug 28 Thursday and expected to receive my item the next day Friday but I waited the whole day Friday and no one came. When I checked the website my parcel already arrived at Sepang branch. I called sepang branch Saturday and they told me they cannot deliver my package because they don’t have a driver? I was really mad. Is it still my problen if they can’t locate their driver? Really? So I was complaining about the service to the lady I was talking to at Sepang branch and she is only telling me the same thing. She even asked me to pickup my parcel at their office?!? Wth. I don’t have a car to go to Sepang that is why I order things online so they can deliver it to me at my doorstep. After 15 minutes of talking to the girl and insisting that they deliver my parcel she deliberately placed me on hold and i f***ing waited for 46 minutes and didn’t even got any answer. This is so unbelievable and they are so f***cking rude. I won’t place another order online again unless they are using another courier service other than Skynet.

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