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Let’s take a peek at what we have just received from suppliers. However, we may only be able to provide you the price after back from holiday (take note we will be away from 28th Dec – 6th Jan, please place your order before 26th Dec noon so that we could ship your order on 27th Dec).

jump-ring-maker-4-6-7-8mm-beading-malaysia.jpgJump Ring Maker Size 4, 6, 7 & 8mm. Also available in size 10, 12, 14 & 18mm.

ring-manrel-superior-steel-ungrooved-size-us-1-15-beading-malaysia.jpgRing Mandrel US Size 1-15, made from superior steel, ungrooved.

large-ring-mandrel-us-size-16-24-beading-malaysia.jpgLarge Ring Mandrel US Size 16-24, made from superior steel, ungrooved.

wire-bender-beading-malaysia.jpgWire Bender.

tweezer-fibre-grip-beading-malaysia.jpgCross-Lock Tweezer with fiber grips – Heat-resistant fiber grips protect your hands from heat while soldering. Cross-lock mechanism opens when pressed to grip objects securely.

wood-ring-clamp-beading-malaysia.jpgHard Wood Ring Clamp – holds rings firmly without marring.

plier-forming-hollow-half-round-nose-beading-malaysia.jpgForming Concave/Half Round Pliers – to bend ring shanks, shape wires and construct intricate and precise fabrications from sheet and wire.

nylon-head-hammer-beading-malaysia.jpgNylon Head Hammer.

divider-beading-malaysia.jpgDivider – measures accurately with positive-positioning knurled top and side knobs.

copper-tong-curved-beading-malaysia.jpgHeavy Duty Bent Copper Tong – designed for safe and dependable use with pickling and acid solutions. This item is heavier-gauge copper for long life.

bench-pin-v-slot-with-clamp-beading-malaysia.jpgBench Pin with V Slot and Clamp.

prong-pusher-beading-malaysia.jpgProng Pusher.

bezel-pusher-beading-malaysia.jpgBezel Pusher.

bezel-roller-beading-malaysia.jpgBezel Roller.

burnisher-curved-beading-malaysia.jpgBurnisher Curved.

burnisher-straight-beading-malaysia.jpgBurnisher Straight.

The following products are available for sale at our store:

czech-fire-polished-blue-stones.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Blue Stones (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-evergreen.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Evergreen (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-honey-butter.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Honey Butter (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-lilac.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Lilac (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

czech-fire-polished-strawberry-field.jpg3mm Czech Fire Polished Mix – Strawberry Field (RM10 for 100pcs strand).

Step by Step Magazines (only 5 copies available per issue):

BW1000.jpg Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010 (RM50).

BW0900.jpgBest of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2009 (RM50).

SW0912.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Winter 2010 (RM25).

SW1008.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Aug/Sept 2010 (RM25).

SW1006.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Jun/July 2010 (RM25).

SW1004.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry April/May 2010 (RM25).

SW1002.jpgStep by Step Wire Jewelry Feb/Mar 2010 (RM25).

FYI, our store will be opened in the coming weekend (25th & 26th Dec). See our store calender here:

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