Swarovski 5328 XILION Bicone Replaces 5301 Bicone

June 16th, 2009 in Announcements | 5 Comments


Do you believe that the extraordinarily popular article 5301 Bicone will be discontinued?

Wait! Do not panic!

It’s a great news instead.

CRYSTALLIZED™Swarovski Elements introduces the new 5328 Xilion bicone bead, which will be replacing the discontinued 5301 bicone bead. The 5301 and 5328 bicone beads are designed to be used interchangeably, as their dimensions and geometry are complimentary.

CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements Xilion Bicone Bead — Article No. 5328


The new 5328 XILION bead, which will replace the 5301, boasts of the revolutionary XILION cut. The XILION cut and hence the upcoming 5328, are copyright protected. It promises a distinctively higher brilliance, more fire and greater light reflection with its alternating large and smaller facets.

The increased number of facets promises an overall enhancement while the rounder belt line will result in improved and longer wearing comfort of finished projects.

We still have not receive the new Xilion Bicone beads, the above pictures were taken from Bead&Button’s forum.

Which Colours and Sizes of 5301 will be upgraded to 5328?

Only the 5301 bicone 2.5mm will remain the same. It is too small to be upgraded. Swarovski promises that the new 5328 will be available, with no price increase, in the same assortment of colours and sizes as the 5301.

Transition Period

The transition period will run from June through September 2009 (may be longer) and that this will be a global transition. However, it all depends on Swarovski HQ local stock availability. Therefore you might be getting Xilion Bicone 5328 even if you ordered Bicone 5301. To avoid confusion, let’s just treat 5328 and 5301 as the same during this transition period alright? Please bear with us.

Will the 5301s become collectors’ items and hence more valuable?

There is nothing to prevent that from being so. From season to season, Swarovski discontinues certain colours, shapes, and effects. Some of these have indeed gone on to become valuable collectors’ items due to their increasing rarity, e.g: Swarovski Cone Shape 5400, which is used to make a figurine angel is so rare now. We were lucky enough to stock few original packs before they were discontinued. With the 5301s, that might not be so immediately as they were so popular and hence many people still have so many of them. If you like to keep the Bicone 5301, you may consider to keep this Beads Strings + Color Cart that strung with 128 pcs of popular colors Bicone 5301 (64 colors, 2 pcs each).

We will most definitely be getting the 5328s as soon as they become available to Swarovski Malaysia. We will keep you updated.

My Dua Puluh Sen

There’re some discussion in the forum commented that the introduction of new Xilion Bicone is due to the reason that there are too many imitators trying to imitate the Swarovski Bicone beads. This is not true actually. I have no idea who has invented the Bicone beads. But I believe it existed long long time ago (probably before Swarovski). As far as patent protected is concern, there is actually a definite number of years of protection (I can’t remember how many years, may be 10? 50? Anyone knows?).

With the new introduction of Xilion Bicone, I believe the large scale crystal manufacturers like PRECIOSA dare not to copy the patent by law. However, the law may not be applicable to smaller scale crystal manufacturers. Well, I also don’t think that they are capable of copying due to lack of technology.

One of our most frequent received question is: Are you selling “Genuine” Swarovski Beads? In future, we can easily tell our customers how to differentiate Swarovski from the “Others”, without having to use a zoom lens or magnifier. You might be interested with this post: Genuine Vs Fake Swarovski Beads.

Conclusion: Swarovski Bicone 5301s have accompanied us, beaders, for quite some time. I will certainly miss them in future. How about you? Mind to share your thoughts with us?

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5 Responses to “Swarovski 5328 XILION Bicone Replaces 5301 Bicone”

  1. I know I will surely miss 5301. :(

  2. “Swarovski promises that the new 5328 will be available, with no price increase” calm me down.. haha same price with improved quality, why not? but i’ll miss 5301 too.

  3. My dua cents on patent law…..

    This is basically how patent law works in a nutshell.

    Basically if an inventor wants to submit their work to be patented, they have to reveal the formula for it, so in Swarovski’s case, the blueprint to the cut.

    How patent law will protect the inventor is to give them exclusive rights which can be translated into monopoly in the market over that particular product for a significant amount of years. Err, how many years, sorry la, forgotten liao! Erm, maybe 20? :P

    Once the patent expires, the formula would become known to the public and anyone can use it (by paying a huge amount of money for it? or something?). Which is why when Coca-Cola changed its formula, the company did not choose the patent its formula again and Coca-Cola remain one of the best kept trade secrets in the world.

    So, I think it’s only a matter of time before the patent expires and some rich manufacturer who can similarly afford the production costs to come up with their version of the 5328 Xiliion, in which case Swarovski might need to improvised again!

  4. @waiyee: Me too!

    @joan: Hehe, who knows next year….Oopss XD

    @Wendy Sue: Thanks for your dua cents here. I enjoyed your Workroom very much, especially your recent posts about glass fusion.

  5. Karan Altavilla on May 16th, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Thx for information.

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