Tutorial: Making A Ring Using Cabochon Flower

May 4th, 2010 in Rings | 4 Comments


I’m going to show you the Easiest Tutorial Ever Produced to make the following sweet looking yummy ring…

Tadaah !!!!

So easy right? Only take 1 minute to finish this ring. Your cost is only RM1.30-RM1.90!!!


Hope you like the “Step-by-step tutorial” produced by me!

(We will update the Ring Findings as shown in the picture by tomorrow…. stay tuned with Facebook update!!)


Ring Base, Adjustable, Flat Circle, Silver-Plated Brass. Sold per pkg of 10 pcs is available here: http://www.beading.my/findings/others/ring-base.html

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4 Responses to “Tutorial: Making A Ring Using Cabochon Flower”

  1. Wow so cute. Thanks.:)

  2. bought the cabochon flowers from you to try..loving this so much!

  3. @Farah: Thanks for your support, enjoy :)

  4. cool… which glue r u using? can i get the link?

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