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Bead Tip (Clamshell), Bottom Clamp-On, 4mm, Gunmetal-Plated Brass. Sold per pkg of approx. 200 pcs.


Clam Shells are used at the end of a strand and typically cover a knot or the crimp bead that holds the beaded strand together. A clam shell looks like it sounds, but has a loop on the outer edge of one of the “shell” sides, and has a hole at the back where the “shells” join. The clam shell is placed on the stringing wire just prior to crimping or tying off. Once the crimp is secure, the clam shell is closed tight and the loop is used either directly with a connector or with a jump ring and then connector.

Sold By: Pkg. of 200 pcs
Color: Base Metal

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  • Model: 518-006L