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Swarovski® Crystal Pearl 5810, Round, White, 6mm. Sold per pkg of 100 pcs.


Swarovski® crystal pearl are regarded as the highest quality polished crystal pearl in the world.

Sold By: Pkg. of 100 pcs
Size: 6mm
Shape: Round 5810
Color: White (#650)

What is the secret of Swarovski Crystal Pearls?
The unique Swarovski Crystal Pearl technology. Each Swarovski Crystal Pearl is created around a crystal core, hence the name Crystal Pearl. This crystal core gives the pearl its ideal weight and combined with the Swarovski Pearl coaring it caused each Crystal Pearl to glow from within.

Why are Swarovski Crystal Pearls so Valued?
The optical and haptical perfection. The high specific gravity of a raw pearl made of crystal gives the Swarovski Crystal Pearl and same weight as a cultured pearl. A Swarovski Crystal Pearl feels good to touch, resistant to wear, scratches, perfumes and washing. As a piece of jewelry, it offers that sensual experience valued by pearl enthusiasts.

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