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Epoxy Doming Resins, Crystal Clear. Sold per set of 20ml Hardener A, 50ml Resin B, Disposable Measuring Cups & Spoons (710-100).


Cure time: 16 Hours.
Color once dry: crystal clear

Now you can buy a fantastic NON-TOXIC Epoxy Doming Resin at an affordable price without sacrificing quality! Non-yellowing, low odor, minimum air bubbles and produces absolutely beautiful results. Use to coat objects or to fill bezel cup settings.

If you are looking to make fabulous Scrabble Tile pendants, or other coated jewelry and wish to have a more durable finish than water based glazes (like Diamond Glaze or 3D Crystal Lacquer), this is the product for you. Waterproof your images with this jewelry grade 2 part mix epoxy resin. Cures without extra equipment.


In this basic package, you will receive:
1) 1 50ml Bottle of Resins (Part A)
2) 1 20ml Bottle of Hardener (Part B)
3) 4 Disposable measuring cup
4) 4 Disposable stir spoon

You're advised to purchase extra disposable measuring cup and stir spoon.


Preparing to use Epoxy Doming Resin

- Make sure to clean your work area and any surfaces to be domed. Remove any wax, oil, dirt or other foreign particles to prevent contamination of the product.

Mixing Epoxy Doming Resin (A : B in ratio 2.5 : 1)
- Epoxy requires a minimum mass of material for the chemical reaction to occur, ensuring that the material cures properly. We suggest to mix minimum 7.5ml of resins (Part A) with 3ml of hardener (Part B).
- Pour 7.5ml of Resins (Part A) to 3ml of Hardener (Part B) into an empty measuring cup (with total reading 10.5ml on measuring cup).
- Make sure to mix the 2 part epoxy according to the ratio 2.5 : 1 (Part A : B)
- Stir the mixture slowly in clockwise direction using stick or mini spoon. This will minimize the possibility of air bubbles forming in the mixture.
- Let the mixture sit for 5-10 minutes to allow any air bubbles to rise to the surface.

Using Epoxy Resin
- Using mini spoon or stick, slowly drip the mixture onto the surface to be domed. Allow the mixture to spread towards the surface's outside edges on its own. Continue to fill the area with the resin until it rises up on the sides, creating a domed appearance.
- Remove any air bubbles which may have formed during the application. Simply place the toothpick or needle on the bubble and draw it towards the surface.
- Method 1: Once applied, please allow minimum 16 hours for the mixture to be cured at room temperature (25-30 Degree Celsius).
- Method 2: It can also be cured in 60 minutes through baking in oven at 80 to 100 Degree Celsius.
- As the product is curing, be sure to check on it periodically to make sure no air bubbles have formed in your design. Remove them in the same manner as mentioned above. For this reason, we recommend to follow Method 1.

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  • Model: 710-100