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Battery (Kiwa) - AA & AAA (4 pcs)
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Xanda AA & AAA Heavy Duty Battery Bateri Super High Energy Carbon Dry Mainan Batteries Kids Toy

Sold by: 1 set (4pcs batteries)

- Brand: Xanda
- Battery type: AAA / AA 1.5V Zinc-manganese battery
- Battery Model: AAA / AA
- Voltage: 1.5V
- Capacity: 3.9 ohms, 24 hours / day, 360 minutes
- Chemistry: Zinc manganese MO2 (non-mercury, non-cadmium)
- Applications: MP3, camera, flash, razor, electric toy, CD player, power remote, wireless mouse, keyboard, Walkman, etc. Note: This is a disposable battery and cannot be charged

- These are perfect for remote controls, alarm clock radios, flashlights, mp3 players, and loads of other appliances
- These high quality alkaline batteries are the saving grace for dying remote controls everywhere
- Each R03 1.5V battery has been manufactured to the highest development quality, free from mercury and cadmium
- Enjoy the comforts of remote controls, flashlights, home appliances, and be worry-free.

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